By Vastu - 07/02/2010 17:42 - Nepal

Today, my maid washed my PS3. Yes, with soap and water. FML
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Vastu tells us more.

well. the maid cant pay because we give her 15$ PER month. and we cant deduct it because... IN rural places of Nepal , where my servant comes from, one family consists of 9/10 sons or daughters .. so that 15$ directly goes to her HUGE family.

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You only give her $15 a month? Wow. What an asshole

Check the location, they're in Nepal. I expect that might be something resembling a decent wage out there...


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killerviral 0

WTF is she like 1000years Ike doesn't she know that if it's connected to the tv don't **** with it she's a retarded bitch

LOL @ all these poor whining faggots. If you're that poor you should cancel your internet dumbasses.

last time I checked people that have maids to clean the house are more well off...

OP deserves it for having a maid. Stop being so ******* lazy and clean up after your damn self.

ripper is a little bitch who wants a maid.

amazinggbaby 2

If he can afford the luxury of a maid why the **** do you care. If you could afford one I bet you would hire one too.

she is a stupid ******* bitch she better buy u a new 1 cuz she is retarded

if u can afford a maid ithink u can afford another ps3 or atleast a x bix 

jamalw23 0

Lol that would be worse because those break easily.

Think about what you are saying... If you have a job that pays that much then most likely this person works there ass off for the money they have. They probably don't feel like it after a hard days work or any person wouldn't if they have the money.

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wow so your sayin he cant have a maid now let him have a maid it makes life easier and a maid isnt that expensive my mom is a maid and she dont get paid that much although he can still get another there like 400 now lol fk ps3 goo wii and x box

@ #93 of course she was Mexican all maids are!!

^how dare... apparently you have never heard of Poland XD

exactly xbox rapes ps3...u should force her to buy a new 1

responses 0

fyl but seriously get an xbox

so he's spoiled because he has a maid and a ps3? assuming he is a child/teen, most if them have consoles. and as for the maid, it's more of a luxury for the parents

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THe person is from Nepal.... Meaning no. =____=

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whooooo!!! Nepal!!!!!! by the way, servents are really cheap there, while stuff like ps3s are not. when I went there the wii was almost 400 US dollars.

she is probibly Mexican that's why so cheep

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hey look, someone with their head on!! if the OP has a maid they can probably afford to buy a new one.

ellness 0

if she's working as a maid she probably doesn't have money to buy a new one. give her a break. maids have it bad enough already. you all sound like a bunch of rich snobs ranting on a maid like that.


why would a maid use soap and water.... so she has never heard of this cool new product called cleaner?

pcgeek 0

all you idiots mad because you can't aford a maid... why don't you look at your lives and see where you screwed up to why you can't afford one. I came from a hard life, worked my butt off to get what I have now including a maid. why haven't you? you guys are completely pathetic. do the world a favor and off yourself instead of trying to make people on this site feel sorry for you because you made your own life pathetic

unless she dumped it in a soapy sink I don't see the problem. I've wiped my ps3 with a musky soap cloth before.

pcgeek 0

yeah. get somthing that requires no help to break

maybe his parents hired her..and he dedinatly doesn't deserve it

I know where your coming from but just because you are well off you don't lose all value or perspective of money

People from Nepal can afford PS3s???? Lest, own a computer?

wow @ the ps3 haters, just jealous their consoles don't play blu-ray, need extra addons like a wireless adaptor and contoller batteries, and doesn't have kickass games like god of war and gran turismo (all you forza fans, I say shut up in advance)

Lawzen_Rainbow 7

ah those mexicans. they do the funniest things

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Why are you such a little bitch? If you can afford a ps3 AND a maid then why the **** are you whining?

he lives in Nepal, I'm betting the maid gets paid no more than $10 per month, full time.

Yes, he's spoilt. He has a ps3. The maid is so poor she doesn't even know you don't wash it with soap and water.

your so right these other people are just to blind to realise that it's better

..thats exactly what it is. my maid is for my parents. while me being a teen got that PS3 ( the old expensive one ) after selling my PS2, Mobile and other stuff. real shitty.

servants are cheap ^^ ... i bought that PS3 in Malaysia bro. so was a lill cheap.

last time I checked ps3 owners are more well off

it's all about pc, console sux ass. fix'd

dude.. not cool. or just under estimating us people.... we DO have a computer btw

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who cares if u got a maid u def got the money to buy another one.

If you can afford a maid, you should have hired one that could speak English and wasn't so stupid!

There is a reason having a maid is frowned upon by the average community , such as myself, we are jealous that people like you have the money

madie_hearts09 0

that's mean maybe she did it because he's a rich Mofo and if he can afford a maid he can afford more than one ps3!!!!!!! now what

In_your_face 0

if you can afford a maid this shouldn't be a problem or you can just make them buy you a new one

they both end up ******* up, you dumbass

@ all of you who say XBox is better: Sure, it has Halo 3... But what seems more worth it: Paying for Internet and XBox Live or losing the chance to play Halonlike an addict and get free PlayStation Network.. I dont know... $10/month or $0/month for $50 more and get a BlueRay reader with BlueRay HD games.. @OP: Fire her. Then go to his/her house and dump a cup of bleach on his/her TV or something...

lol, if I cared about vidio games and all, I might care for u or if it happened to me, but I don't!! lol

ps3s are way better than xbox. **** you #1!!!

VampireKiller59 0

rich bastard do your own work for once


She must be from Mexico or something

Xbox is for squares. PS3 is where it's at.

It wouldn't matter, the maid probably would have cleaned that too. Yes, with soap and water

Kyuubi1589 1

How come no one has bothered to look at OP's location? He's in Nepal. Maids are common in countries like that, even average families have them.

Velocity98 2

Did u hear yourself? Even if the console was different, the maid still would have washed it. It had NOTHING to do with the console!

G coupes aren't that ******* cool dude... At least not cool enough to be obsessed over.

That makes bo since at all, you get one drip of water on an xbox an it explodes. An Xbox is way too fragile.

Even if he had an XBox... His maid probably still would've washed it.

Murilirum 23

Not if he had a clean white Xbox :p

xbox is shit. a smashed up ps4 is more useful than an xbox

Wouldn't the white XBox get dirtier than the black ps3?

zyperman43 19

The colour wouldn't make it any dirtier


The colour wouldn't make it dirtier, but it would make the dirt more noticeable

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Onside recovery bizznitch!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO DAT

**** the Colts! They deserve to lose for being stolen from Baltimore! Even if it was decades ago. We have NOT forgotten! GO SAINTS!!!!!

**** the ******* saints thy fuckng suck

okay but seriously, let's not turn this into a console war. it just sucks that this dudes maid screwed up his ps3. what a dumb ass. but really you have a maid? you can probably afford to buy a new trey. PS3 FTW! no jk xbox is cool too :P

ya my maid does this all the time so i deported her

I would definitely make her pay for that.

nates0210 0

he could just deduct it from her pay :)

newsgit 0

dude, my cousin has maids. They are at least 50 years old. It's sad that someone at that age should have to do such menial labor.

well. the maid cant pay because we give her 15$ PER month. and we cant deduct it because... IN rural places of Nepal , where my servant comes from, one family consists of 9/10 sons or daughters .. so that 15$ directly goes to her HUGE family.

You only give her $15 a month? Wow. What an asshole

Check the location, they're in Nepal. I expect that might be something resembling a decent wage out there...

Even with a low cost of living in rural Nepal, $15 a month...I must be missing something. This is US dollars?

meherm 11

Well maybe if you paid her more she would've been able to pay you back...seriously $15 a month?! My mom is a housekeeper and she gets paid $30 a hour!! I feel bad for your maid she's trying to sustain her family and I don't know how she's doing that with only $15..

meherm 11

#456- OP only states that his maid is from Nepal.

you do realize that minimum wage in the us is around $7, right?

If you look on his profile, it says he lives in Nepal. Idiot. Anyways, I'm shocked that its so low... $15 a month? I get $9.84 an hour to check groceries... That's about $300 dollars on a 40 hour week. What an asshole, exploiting people.

My family pays my housekeeper $90 per week.

The 7.XX min. wage only applies to companies that profit more than a certain amount in a year. Since presumably OP isn't hiring their Maid with such a company, min wage is only $5.XX (in the U.S.).

wow maybe you shouldn't of explained as this now makes you look worse, plus im guessing that her $ 15 pay a month was enough reason for her to wreck your ps3.

onorexveritas 23

He's from Nepal. We give our maid about 30 dollars a month (I'm from India) That's really how much people from the working class make in such countries. That's why we can all afford maids, because they are cheap. And also most of these maids go to 5-6 houses a day, so that's 150-180 a month, which again might seem low, but the standard of living in such countries is that a family of 3 can live on 50 dollars a month.

It's in Nepal numb nuts. Different currency and different rates.

yscpunkchick 14

If you can afford an expensive game console, you can at least give your poor maid minimum wage! Dick. (And for all of you "he's in a different country" *****, I looked it up and minimum monthly wage in Nepal is $71 US dollars.)

#456 there is always a location next to the fml also you guys are idiots the maid probably works for more than one family.

ok so the the house keepers or maids and servants as you put it, do all this manual cleaning for you so they can provide for their children and you think its ok that "their cheap" because they have 5 other houses they have to clean? that's just horrible.

only 15 dollars a month?!?! we pay our maid 300 dollars a week

I would say that this is an FML for her. Obviously if she can't afford to pay you back, then you're not paying her enough. It may be a lower income in Nepal. But if she still doesn't make enough money to live comfortably and have a little extra, then you're the jerk for paying her so little. Maybe you should consider paying your "servant" a little more. Have some compassion.

7 dollars an hour.. he's paying her 15 a MONTH

Wow. I really admire that you have the sincerity and the common sense to keep your maid.

Ur a dick how about you pay your maid, she pry did it because of that

How about you make her pay you back with like, some other kind of work? My foreign relatives, ( I live in the US ) have maids and servants that do extra besides cleaning like cooking and waking them up and stuff. Maybe you can have her do something extra once or twice a month.

hunteryager 18

Yes and op's bio states he is from Nepal as well.

Yes, but $15 a month is around 700 Nepalese Rupee. The OP probably converted the Nepalese rupee directly to USD without taking PPP into account. PPP wise, 700 Nepalese rupee is a lot. And all those complaining about the fact that even though the maid is working at other houses doesn't mean the OP should pay her less....servers in the US are paid below min wage for similar reasons (they make up in tips). Let's not be quick to judge :)

It can't be. I give mine the equivalent of 15USD per day and I still feel bad about it.

wow, some of you are being huge dicks. you need to realize that currency and rates differ greatly between countries. for all we know, the wage in which op provides their maid is the norm for them.

$15/month. In Nepal. I am guessing it is not a full time job. probably just a couple of hours a day, every couple of days. This is NOT the US. Stop jumping all over OP. Learn a little about the world.

I Nepal that's a bit more then where you're from.

When I say they are cheap, I obviously meant they work for a low wage. In my country, you can eat an entire meal for one at a minimum rate of 20 cents to about 140 dollars, depending on how much money you have, and where you eat. The poor survive with their low wages of 30 dollars a month, because of this system. Their children get free education by the government. They get ration cards and can buy their groceries and necessities (oil, sugar, etc) at a subsidised rate. You can travel from one end of a city to another, by train of bus for about 1 dollar alone.

Op, that's pathetic. I don't care where you're from, she should be getting paid more than that, especially if your family can afford nice things like ps3s. Like you said, she's got a huge family to support, so give her fair wages.

Well i dont think he is an asshole, i think you need to check the currency used in nepal: 1 US Dollar=103.76 Nepalese Rupees, which means that she gets over 1500 NPR. Idiot.

Psyqiik 18

It's not like they're the only house she cleans

Yeah but not $7 a MONTH. It's $7 an hour. She gets paid $15 a month

To everyone saying that $15 dollars a month is unfair, what if she only comes once a month, and works 1-2 hours. Or maybe twice a month, but only for an hour. OP never said how often she came.

so, the only one that Actually looked it up gets all the negative votes. I agree with you, if they can get a playstation, can pay her more!

xlovelessx 0

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yea u think he just gave her the ps3 and watched her clean it with water and soap?

wow wat a tragdic story ur life must definently suck I feel so sorrow for u

camraja901 5
X_o_X_ocutie 0

maybe thats why your loveless, cause your such a bitch

Why do the comments keep getting reset?

I'd like to know that too, especially since I just spent some time making a worthy comment.

Last batch of FMLs just got comment wiped. Wth?

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that's not true. his parents could pay for the maid and still have made him pay for the ps3. i have a maid too, but that has nothing to do with how much money i personally have.

xmagster 0

I hate these comments of "if you can afford a maid, you can afford a new PS3." This is stupid because the op is from Nepal. (read where people are from you racist, ignorant people who assume the maid was Mexican.) In Nepal, it is more common for people of the middle / upper class to have maids. Even if we where talking about the US, it doesn't mean you are spoiled if you make enough money to hire a maid I 'm sick of hearing every pissed off person who can't afford to own luxury item or service bitch about other people having them. You don't know the OP, and it is stupid and childish to tell them they deserve their items ruined because they have something better than you. Secondly, you don't know anything about the situation. This person could have saved up for a ps3, and CAN'T afford a new one. FYL op.

cowgod 0

don't buy an xbox. it's worthless if you don't have xbox live

#188 - exactly. This site is amazing for "I lost XYZ", "YDI for having XYZ - some people don't even have XYZ" etc. Insert 'job', 'car', 'computer' whatever as appropriate. These are semi-amusing/schadenfreude stories, not some race to see who can have the shittiest, most pathetic lives. We all have our problems. Everyone here at least has some sort of access to a computer and the internet, which puts them a long way ahead of a lot of people in this world. Maids are normal in a lot of countries. OP is from Nepal, where it's not that odd. I've lived in places where it's pretty standard to have maids, gardeners, drivers or whatever, but now I live somewhere that it isn't, so I do my own housework & the rest. Just for one second, people should try to imagine a world that's different from what they can see on a walk from their house. Oh, and if they've been further than that, then 'YDI for having access to transport'.

....totally true. i saved it . now its gonna be REAL hard. my life is really sucking

So true! In most Asian countries, maids are the most affordable people everyone. Having a maid is not a luxury but a necessity!

the maid is from Nepal not necessarily OP.

facingforeverr 0

if you go on the actual website, it says tht fml is undergoing maitenence

alternatively, you don't have a maid or a ps3, and you saw that joke on the simpsons a few days ago and thought you'd turn it into a fml. hmm.

facingforeverr 0

Like they say on South Park, "Simpsons did it!"

Monikabug 9

dude i dont know what ur talking about... my maid really did it....not a fake