By istillcannotbreathe


Today, my roommate found a solution to his awful body odor: bathing in vinegar. Now instead of smelling like a middle school locker room, the house smells like a chemical plant. I'm not sure which is worse. FML
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By  DMA  |  11

Nice! Here’s a similar tip he might like: if you have a terrible headache, hit yourself in the leg with a hammer hard enough to distract you from the original pain!

By  Charlie Given  |  23

If this is a odor that isn't washing off then he has a medical condition that should be addressed immediately or throw salad and oil on him tell him he's having Greek for dinner 😂

By  Chazzster  |  20

If roommate is actually bathing in vinegar, that will stop when he gets a cut or abrasion. Nothing stings like vinegar on a cut or abrasion!

But seriously daily soap and water and deodorant and brushing teeth don’t work on roommate’s stench? (And appropriate use of toilet paper when using the toilet too.) Either this person is absolutely lying about their cleanliness and sanitation or they have a serious medical condition that needs urgent attention. And you need to get a new roommate.