By Anonymous - 19/08/2010 11:53 - Australia

Today, mine and my boyfriend's concerns that we are too loud in bed were definitely confirmed when his entire family stopped the movie they were watching and vacated the cinema room located directly below us. They returned and resumed a while after we were finished. FML
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YDI..Why would you make noise during sex if your family is in the room right below yours? Either keep quiet, or don't do it when your family's around.

It could have been far worse! If my family ever heard me having sex, they would (at the very LEAST) kick me out. So count yourself lucky...


At least they didn't come upstairs with a camera!

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YDI for having sex when parents are nearby. That's already a turnoff, I think.

family won't come with a camera.. I think they are understanding not to approach you

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Maybe op is sick & WANTS them to listen!!! Dang, op...back that thang up!!

How is this an fml? They politely left and let you finish

I don't get it. I'll just take a guess though. YDI for being too loud in bed that your family can hear it and now the don't have to watch **** on the tv, they get it live.

it's funny because they can hear you having sex and that is awkward I bet the sex was nice an moist

damn have her scream into a pillow if shes that loud, shiet

Sooooo... make less noise? I don't get how this is an FML.

ydi for saying "mine and my boyfriend's"

It could have been far worse! If my family ever heard me having sex, they would (at the very LEAST) kick me out. So count yourself lucky...

but they never would . that is unless you get yourself a nose job and wash your hair . so don't worry , you won't be kicke out anytime soon (:

Kick you out of the house? So you'd have to get your own place? Seems unnecessarily escalatory. Wait... *checks age* You're 21. Ignore me. *Considers not posting this, does anyway*

Well that was just mean. She's very pretty

19- It's pretty easy to make fun of somebodys pic when you don't even have one. Either put up a pic of yourself or leave.

Nerds, I think you are really attractive! Don't listen to clueless a**clowns!!

I don't understand!! what's wrong with her nose or her hair!? her nose is fine and her hair is gorgeous. at least she puts a pic up if her beautiful face while u sit there with ur ugly self and have a non existant picture and make fun of other people who r super pretty

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the answer is that people talk shit about other on the net due to no consequences. There is nothing wrong with how she looks.

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Are you blind, PurpleMonkeysFor? nerdsgetmehot gets me hot, and luckily for me, I'm a nerd!

My mom would do the same, like she didn't do anything at our age -__- And I agree! there is absolutely nothing wrong with your beautiful face! (:

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19 is just struggling with their inferiority complex. May Prozac help you.

Haha, look at all the people offering encouragement to nerdsgetmehot even though she likely hasn't even seen the offending comment, and if she had, she wouldn't care. Not to say it isn't nice to do so. It just strikes me as amusing.

Oh, and for SpicyDuck (34): It's just because in her mind, you're still her SpicyDuckling.

Thanks so much for all the encouragement, everyone! I never would have expected all this! :O You all are very sweet. :) And as childish as it probably is for me to care about the offending comment, Boopity, admittedly PurpleMonkeysFor did offend me a bit.

My mistake, nerdsgetyouhot. My apologies if I made it seem as though that were childish (incidentally, it isn't); that certainly wasn't my intention. I just thought you wouldn't care. *Offers himself for sacrifice*

Oh Boopity, no worries! I wasn't annoyed by your comment. :P Instead of me sacrificing you, would you like a cookie? Cookies are much more satisfying than being sacrificed.

… Is it crunchy peanut-butter chocolate chip? With a plaid design made from a fork on top? Because, no joke, those are my favorites. Particularly when warm, just out of the oven, and soft.

Oh, you bet! Those are my second favorite. :)

*Looks up, crumbs falling from mouth* Please, sir, may I have some more? To stay somewhat on topic: OP, that was a ridiculously stupid move, especially because you thought you were excessively loud.

Lmfao, you guys are so sad, I love people getting trolled in action. Go PurpleMonkey.

everyone jumped to "nerdsgetmehot's" defense about her looks yet i dont recall him making any attacks at her appearance. i take no side in this but i merely think OP is an inconsiderate idiot.

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wafflez33, your memory is very faulty. PurpleMonkeysFor said that nerdsgetsmehot has an ugly nose and dirty hair. I sprang to her defense because I like to score brownie points with pretty girls. And with her baking skillz, that might result in a literal brownie ... and maybe some sugar ;)

I like how someone actually voted the mean comment up. Nice.

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YDI for having loud sex in a house full of people! hahaa

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lol, 2 your name is awesome!!

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PurpleWhatever must be a n00b, since nerds is our resident hottie. She probably gets the most pic compliments here, excepting the girls who post slutty booby pics. And rightfully so, IMO; she's pretty, sweet, *and* literate. :]

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yea! why would you even have sex while they're in the house??? YDI and now hopefully you have learned your lesson

Well that is just plain nasty... cool ur jets when family is around or at least go somewhere else op!

YDI..Why would you make noise during sex if your family is in the room right below yours? Either keep quiet, or don't do it when your family's around.

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OP is a dirty, disrespectful *****. F his family's life for having to listen to you idiots.