By Longhorn2011 - 17/06/2009 17:44 - United States

Today, I went commando because its 98 degrees and sweaty boxers are a pain. While walking to class at UT I heard a girl laugh behind me, I turned and flashed a quick smile and kept walking. It turns out I had sweat through my khakis and she totally could see my crack. Texas weather sucks. FML
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fmyalarmclock 0

Always wear underwear to avoid embarrassing situations..


your_mother 0

wow you should wear underwear for god sakes I mean come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw if are the peron I think you are then I saw you it was hilarious, my friends and I were laughing so hard when we saw you:P

suaveneanderthal 0

look guys comment number three!

Reyo 2

OP: What were you wearing? Spandex? Either way, at least wear SOMETHING. I know sweaty boxers suck, but wait untill you get home to go full on commando. It feels great. I should know. We have pretty much the same weather you do here and I had to work/school all day. When I finally got home I just stripped naked and collapsed on my bed. Thank God for no roomates!

kinkoa 0

You should have worn something other than khakis thats common sense i think YDI for being a longhorn im a sooner from konawa, oklahoma

Yeah, I mean, if you're going commando, why would you wear khakis?

look douche, noone cares :D (reply to burried comment)

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gag Texas weather is nothing....well only in the summer lately....we are really starting to feel global warming...

lizzilla8297 2

Texas weather does NOT suck, asshole. UT is the BEST colledge EVER.

As I fellow victim of Texas weather, I can verify OP's FML. Texas weather TOTALLY sucks.

But it's hot as hell, and I know that when it gets hot here, I'm not am wearing any damn layers I don't ******* have to. Then again, I'm wearing sweatshirts and jeans in 100+ degree weather....

EnvyMe33 26

Apparently it’s not because you can’t even spell right. It’s college not colledge.

fmyalarmclock 0

Always wear underwear to avoid embarrassing situations..

22cute 17

Boxer briefs! They are the solution.

CountDuk 5

I guess you musts been on "crack"!! lmao

on "crack"? seriously? PJ much??lol...

Guys should not be going commando, especially to school. Yuck.

bah, grow a pair.... you are in school, people staring at you like that may increase your chances to meeting women

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stevenJB 25

Try south Dakota. Hot as a bitch in the summer and so cold during winter :(

PoopNuggetLeader 4

Your hot is 85-90 degrees F. Texas hit is 95-105-? Degrees F

19990231 29

Last summer in Minnesota we have 107 degree weather in the summer and -52 in the winter.

Let's just take a moment of silence for Arizona, which can climb to 120°F

Yes, a natural body part found on all human beings is revolting.

hot_tamale 0

LOL I feel ya. And I was down in Austin 10 days ago :). But it may be smarter to just wear something more lightweight? in pants? If so, YDI

LOL. Swamp ass is NEVER fun though, but you should still wear underwear. And at least WEAR SHORTS, not khakis if it's swampass environment. Christ... YDI.