By myennechee - 18/03/2009 05:22 - Germany

Today, I asked my boyfriend while he was eating potato chips if he wanted to eat me. He looked at the potato chips, looked at me, and said, "Unless your vagina turns into a potato chip, I'd rather eat these." FML
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Eh, most guys don't wanna be bugged during eating, tv, games, or with his friends


NEVER, come between a man and his chips

Danielt104 6

I'd eat a girl over anything..unless she was ugly or had a disease

deliciouscake 3

WTF? I would definetly est a girl instead of chips unless they look like you. oviously your bf agrees

crackz12 10

Yea **** that shit eating pussy is for the pleasure of the chick theres nothing tasty about it i would rather eat chips too.

ifinsane 6

When ya know what ya want ya know what ya want!

Eh, most guys don't wanna be bugged during eating, tv, games, or with his friends

RHK_fml 0

****** usually doesn't taste great... All salty and stuff. But op must taste rly bad down there

I'd rather eat a hot dog than a guys penis. Just saying...

ew, clean your vag, maybe hed enjoyit more. crusty bitch

****** doesn't taste all that great anyway, and it's a lot of work for really no benefit to the man. chips taste great, and leave you feeling satisfied and full after eating them. it's the only logical choice

Your picture seems to imply you've gotten a lot of vag in your day XD

HisBabyGirl4ever 0

219 Your name implies that you have no room to talk. XD

Sexual activity with girlfriend >> eating chips. even really good ones. His loss

you asked at a bad time. don't try to get sexual when a man his eating his food, playing games or watching tv. you may as well be asking a wall the same question.

I'd let my girl polish my knob while playing xbox watching tv and eating chips.

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#5....penises dont taste all that great either and has no benefit to the woman *edited by Frans*

AntiChrist7 0

1) never bother a man eating 2) you must smell down there 3) take a boyfriend who doesn't eat that much junk. 1+2+3= you ******* deserved it

michminn 0

Really! my pussy smells real ripe and yummy you **** wat. learn to add

crackz12 10

Learn to add? No your pussy might smell good in relation to other pussys but it really just smells like pussy. Which really doesnt taste good or smell good. And at least i can throughly clean my dick. Id eat your pussy anyways sexy ;-)

Thank god someone said it. Head isn't fun for the chick, it takes a lot of work, you have to use your tongue and we get choked with a large foreign object. Seriously.

funnyshiett23 0

You can always flavor the penis though, not a vag

well... you were kinda setting yourself up for rejection with your poor timing. I know the unwanted feeling, but this one you kinda asked for.