By myennechee - / Wednesday 18 March 2009 05:22 / Germany
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By  greenman_fml  |  0

vagina doesn't taste all that great anyway, and it's a lot of work for really no benefit to the man. chips taste great, and leave you feeling satisfied and full after eating them. it's the only logical choice

  crackz12  |  10

Learn to add? No your pussy might smell good in relation to other pussys but it really just smells like pussy. Which really doesnt taste good or smell good. And at least i can throughly clean my dick. Id eat your pussy anyways sexy ;-)

  mrssuarez2011  |  12

Thank god someone said it. Head isn't fun for the chick, it takes a lot of work, you have to use your tongue and we get choked with a large foreign object. Seriously.