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Today, I was reading a book in German, which I don't know very well. Suddenly I reached a passage I had no trouble understanding. Excited, I showed my husband, saying I was finally getting the hang of it. He laughed and patted my head. Turns out, that particular passage was a quote. In English. FML
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Did you recently suffer a sharp blow to the head?


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how did you mistake English for German??

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Actually that's pretty cute. I know the feeling. All these trolls with their mean comments probably don't know what it's like to read in a second language.

@13 Well, they both got the blonde hair blue eyes thing going on

32- Everyone with a high school knowledge should know...

Ja. Ich will eine Kekse. Translation: Yes. I want a cookie. :)

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I agree with 32. I know six languages, some better than others, and often switching between the two can be difficult. If I'm using a lot of Japanese, for example, I've been told that I'll rattle off in Japanese to English speakers and not even know it. The brain just doesn't switch between languages as easily as some think.

@75: I dunno... I mean I speak English and Dari pretty decently, as well as some German and Arabic (and a very tiny helping of Spanish and Italian from middle school), and the worst I've ever done is mix up con and mit (with) for the respective languages (Spanish and German). Folks should know from accentual context that something is amiss if they suddenly encounter a different vocabulary. Heck, sometimes my Dari friends will switch from English to Dari and back to English on the fly and we make sure to change our accent to match.

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I agree. Sometimes it's easy to forget which language you're reading in, especially when you're concentrating so hard!

Well I'm fluent in English, German, and French and I know that feeling exactly, sometimes i'll be doing something in German then I will begin speaking French but will have troubles because I'm thinking in German.

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i don't know what all of you are talking about. ive learned a little japanese and a little spanish quite a bit of german and i always know exactly what language i am reading. i have never confused german for english or any other language. usually there are ways you can immediately tell what language it is just by glancing at it. for instance, you are not likely to find a lot of ö, ü, ä, or ß in english. so i think the OP probably just wasnt really concentrating on what he or she was reading.

54- I went to high school and currently studying a bachelors and I don't know another language. And hardly anyone I know does either. Most the high schools here only offer Indonesian as a language class and it's only by choice if you want to do it. I didn't see the point when I had other more important classes to choose from and most people in Indonesia know English anyway :-)

Im surprised that out of all the people who said that they spoke German, nobody corrected 57 It's actually: "Ja Ich will einen Keks"

Did you recently suffer a sharp blow to the head?

Haha when I came back from mission trip in Honduras, if I wasn't focused when someone was talking it'd sound like Spanish occasionally. Awkward. Haha

2- Are you quoting Sheldon Cooper? hahaha.

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Mr.rocket, please stop making comments. They have never been funny.

You couldn't tell it was English letters?

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I'm assuming you mean't words since English and Deutsh share the same alphabet, except for the umlauts.

Everything I say is just gonna get a thumbs down eh?

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23 here is how to get thumbs up. Everyone if you think I'm a Fag thumbs me up.

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The alphabet has the same letters as English, some letters have an umount though. And there is also an Esset.

I can understand OP's situation...i live in france, my native language is spanish and all my clases are in english...i can read a text that is written in diferent lanhuages without even noticing The difference X)

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Athena and minecraft, it's actually Umlaut. :)

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The Umlats is my favorite German death metal band

#10 it's Deutsch with a c actually. Why don't you just say German instead? -.- and it's "Umlaute" not umlauts.

That's just the literal translation, Gesichtspalme. Not sure what it SHOULD be though.

There is no meaningful translation for it, just go with facepalm.

At least u r trying......One day u will get the hang of it....keep it up...ur Husband must be proud of u :)

5- What's next? Saying "Lol" or "Bbl"? Where is Jesus when you need him. Smack some since into this woman.

55, if you are going to be an asshole about people's spelling or lack thereof, you might want to spell 'sense' right instead of spelling 'since'.

You don't need to be rude. I'm pretty sure people come on this website to get a laugh, not to be tested on their grammar.

This reminds me of the time that my cousin thought that the word "pause" was the French word for stop.