By wrongguy - 11/05/2013 23:04 - United States - Raleigh

Today, my boyfriend woke me up the same way he always does, by pulling on my hair. Just to be playful, I pulled him down on top of me and kissed him. Turns out his brother thought it would be funny to wake people up the same way. FML
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Keep it in the family :) The royals did it for centuries, see how that worked out?


Just the fact that her boyfriend wakes we up by pulling her hair is slightly awkward. FYL op

Who wakes their brother's girlfriend by touching any part of them?? Even going into the bedroom while she's asleep would be an invasion of privacy in my book. This is completely unacceptable, unless he's a young child of course (in which case surely OP would have noticed before a kiss).

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Even more awkward that se hasn't had the chance to brush her teeth yet. F his brothers life.

Keep it in the family :) The royals did it for centuries, see how that worked out?

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#27 but look how Joffrey turned out..a fuckclump

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The Lannisters and Targaryens both ended up being royals if my memory serves :P

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Queen Victoria gave all of the royal families in Europe hemophilia.

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And not so lucky when the boyfriend finds out.

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Lol. thank you guys for starting my morning with a smile :)

I was thinking the exact same thing!!

10, your comment just reminded me of the cartoon "Hercules". (:

44, I'm pretty sure it was done intentionally. :)

You should always look before you kiss someone, to make sure it's the person you intended

Like Andy should have done in The Goonies.

to be fair she just woke up and mightve been a bit disoriented. im sure she wasnt expecting anyone but her bf to do that

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At least she didn't pull his pants down for some action. THAT would've been awkward.

Well the brothers age, and whether he is older or younger matter a lot OP! It could be not as big of a deal or very awkward...

Not sure about you, but I'd be slightly upset that he get pulled on top and kissed and not me!

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Well, that's going to be awkward. Tell your boyfriend what happened, he'd appreciate it . ^~^

Just explain to your boyfriend that it was an accident and if he loves you then it shouldn't be too big of a deal.

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Methinks the brother was a bit curious?

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Both of your faces must've been priceless! Hopefully your boyfriend has a good sense of humor about it.

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Guess we'll find out in a couple days if there's another fml about this