By JackAttack - 20/01/2009 08:27 - United States

Today, my mom just handed me a book called "100 Ways To Motivate Yourself." FML
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I would get it and all... But I have no motivation to find it.

I suppose you weren't bothered reading the book then, eh?

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yeah, that sucks that your mom is trying to help you in a fairly low-key, unobtrusive way.

why is your mum trying to motivate you? you don't need motivation. the people that are motivated are the ones causing all the trouble. lol

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Maybe we can share that book

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You know, some people would kill for a mother who cares that much about their son/daughter like that. She's trying to help you! Get over it.

Who the hell cares? How is this an FML? Your thinking that this is an FML is more of an FML than this. Maybe you should read the book, you lazy, unmotivated bum. They need a "Not an FML" or "Who the hell cares" button.

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Sorry..but how the hell is this a FML...?