By skinnyguy23 - 10/09/2014 22:40 - United States - Briarcliff Manor

Today, I received a package. When my mom asked what I had bought, I had told her that I had ordered dumbbells and was going to start lifting. She laughed her way into the kitchen. FML
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Well, when you're buff enough to bench press a car, who'll be laughing then?

Prove her wrong, nothing more to say!


Well, when you're buff enough to bench press a car, who'll be laughing then?

iAmPaul 49

Oh yeah, because he'll totally be able to train chest thoroughly with just dumbbells.

#16, for the sake of humanity, I hope you are kidding. If not, I suggest you go down to the joke shop and buy yourself a sense of humor. Even the cheapest one will suffice.

iAmPaul 49

#23 What an unoriginal and idiotic comment. I was completely serious. You won't improve how much you can bench press by only using dumbbells.

Well actually bud, he could do pec fly's, dumbbell press, incline dumbells., he could do push-ups. That's 4 different exercises for chest, he would be well on his way to building strong Pectoral muscles if he increases the weight and progressively overloads his workout. So if you don't mind, don't talk about things you don't understand.

Not to mention the dude is clearly just starting out. By the way, quite a few of the really jacked guys at my gym use dumbbells for their bench and incline bench press. Rather large dumbbells, but still dumbbells.

#25 That won't work with only one set of dumbells...and buying progressively larger dumbells will get very expensive very fast.

iAmPaul 49

#25 That's misinformed. Only doing those exercises isn't adequate to fully workout your pecs. While dumbell presses are good, they're not the same as a regular bench press, and OP would have to spend a lot of money to constantly buy increasingly weighted dumbbells. Point is, dumbbells are not ideal for chest. Hence my original reply to #1. Oh and don't ever be condescending towards me. I've been working out regularly (3-5 times a week) for a few years now. I know very well what I'm talking about, "bud".

#16 can you please shut the fuck up and stop bringing negitivity to this comment (which was obviously a joke if i may point out.)

iAmPaul 49

#44 What an ironic comment.

Ooh a tough guy here, well, actually. Although w/ a bench press it isn't ideal, it also isn't useless as again he's "starting out". And I'm sure with a quick google search you can find exercises to work your pec major and minor.

ChristianH39 30

39 this is the internet. We can be as condescending as we want to be, bud. You're over analyzing a joke for no reason

1- her mom when she breaks her own car.

Prove her wrong, nothing more to say!

Back into the kitchen where she belongs.

Now you have the motivation you need to become buff! Work hard OP!

she's laughing but she's the one going to the kitchen.

No... just no. there is no need man.

no I wasn't making a woman in the kitchen joke, I'm just saying she's laughing at him trying to be healthy and she's laughing to the kitchen to get food.

Or to make food for her family. Or to do the dishes. Or to take her son's birthday cake out of the oven. Or to watch tv. Or to grab her glasses. Or to drink some water. Or to put away groceries. Or to plan world domination.

that escalated quickly

You could punch her (lightly) in the face as proof! Lol

Lol wut?

You do realise we're talking bout OP's "mother" here?

iAmPaul 49

#27 Sadly, I think she does.

Her momma must be so proud

Just laugh your way to the gym

iAmPaul 49

The point of buying your own dumbbells would be so you don't have to go to the gym.

Hey, good job. We all have have to starr somewhere.

Do you even lift?

I mean, he didn't but he's going to start. Soo... did I answer your question?

ShadowlessSpear 21

Does thou even hoist

This is the part where you build up your upper body and hit her from behind with a stick. *commence Chandlerian gesticulations*

Dreamsorrow93 24

Eh better than a dildo and lube?

How is it even relevant for lifting?

I thought this was where the FML was going

Dreamsorrow93 24

If you read a lot of FMLs you would know the reference. I also thought it was heading there myself.

This reference goes well with situations like Brazil and Germany fifa world cup match, this i just dont see how..but I see your point.