By CessnaPilot - 13/12/2011 03:47 - United States

Today, I fell off a ladder while building a shelter for one of my wife's horses. I think I broke some ribs. I absolutely hate horses. FML
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Blame your clumsiness on the horses? Really?

This man is a fellow pilot. OP, why were you on the ground anyways? I'm only on the ground if I get threatened with court-martial or if my wife says that dinner is ready.

My question is why isn't the wife helping him? Or she one of those broads that has never work an honest day in her life? Seriously OP if you are on a ladder another person should ALWAYS be with you in case of falling. People these days have no common sense.

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I think his hating of horses is unrelated to this incident..

You should probably add ladders to the list of things you hate.

He probably didn't like horses before he fell

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Your wife seems like she rides horses more than she rides you! And horses piss and shit everywhere, so yeah I can see why you hate horses...

Op never said anything about his wife riding the horses or anything remotely related to sex. Dumbass

...what? How did you come to the conclussion that she rides horses more than op?

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I feel like every animal piss and shit everywhere.

Calm down. It's not the clueless animals fault for your clumsiness. Just have a beer, sit in your chair and relax.

Ah yes, there's nothin I like to do more after a few broken ribs than sit down and "relax"...lame comment.


If you can afford a horse why can't you afford someone to build a shelter for it?

yumlicious 4

The OP also can afford a plane. I'm sure he can afford to have someone to build him a shed. And last time I checked spouses share financial responsibilities for things. Or maybe I'm wrong. IDK. We own horses, and my parents have both share financial responsibility for them.

Maybe because horses are expensive and they spend all of their money on feeding it, vet bills, etc that they have no money left over to hire someone to do something that OP could easily do himself if he weren't clumsy...

50- just because OP is a pilot doesn't mean he owns his own plane. Could be a pilot for a company or in the military. Maybe he also likes doing things himself then hiring people to do it.

yumlicious 4

His name is Cessna Pilot. IDK. I just assumed that he owned one. My father owns a Baron and is subscribed to the American Bonanza Society and wears their apparel. So *shrug*

You sure did try to take a Crack at that shelter... Terrible pun intended, I know the drill.. Thumbs down

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If you're trying reverse psychology it's not going to work..

Perhaps we should stop spending so much time on "shitty situations" and invest in real, funny pun making.

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The horse is a beautiful animal naw but maybe you need better balance

but sometimes when your laying in the hay and all the poop the horse will walk up and look down at you. then maybe he will touch his nose to you and you'll think to your self horses arent so bad, maybe i was to hard on them.

you have to read it in cleavlands voice. LOL. i was playing off the comment above me

Capt_Oblivious 10

All I'm seeing here is a "blah blah, I'm a clumsy asshole that blames an animal for my stupidity"

He's not blaming the animal for falling. He's remarking on the irony of falling while building a shelter for an animal he doesn't like.

I think your hate is misplaced maybe you should be mad at ladders

I think what the OP is trying to say is that even though he hates horses he tried building cover for his wife's horse which resulted in him getting injured.

This is what I'd assumed. Everyone else seemed to come to a really stupid conclusion, though.

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65 - It's 'cause this site/app is full of 12 year olds who generally come up with stupid conclusions.