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  starile  |  19

YOUR DAD IS A SICK FUCK, OP. What father would talk like that about their little girl's tits? A sick fuck, that's who.

*high fives the old man*

  mzeemzima  |  0

I think u mean u like men no guy would want girls with flat chests unless they can't get a girl with boobs but no one would reject a girl with big/nice boobs if they had a choice


#6 did I read it wrong, but didn't they say you were 13? I didn't see a "8" within any of the comments. Now I find it ironic that you said not to insult your intelligence. lol troll face!

  monstaber  |  6

61 I disagree completely. I like flat chested women because 1) boobs are boobs and 2) there are a LOT more things to look for in a woman than the size of her tits. Love > infatuation. (I'm 15, just so you all know.)

  riax  |  9

Whether he prefers flat, small or big boobs, a good man will prefer to be with the girl even more, and make her feel beautiful no matter what, because that's what she is to him