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Today, while at a family gathering for New Years, my aunt said she needed a flat surface to write on. My dad immediately piped up, "Why don't you use Samantha's chest?" I'm Samantha. I'm also 18. FML
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don't worry op I actually kind of like flat chested women idk why actually I could care less


Big deal. Your hormones haven't kicked in.

She's 18... Anyhow, you got owned. Either deal with it or decide that people will still like you anyway and move on with life.

It's a joke. Stop being so sensitive. you could've responded by going "Or my dads crotch. Flat as the salt plains."

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there are boundaries and your father ignored them. He is an ass hole.

YOUR DAD IS A SICK ****, OP. What father would talk like that about their little girl's ****? A sick ****, that's who. *high fives the old man*

my girlfriend didn't get **** til she was about 22. she was just a late starter

I was a b cup after two pregnancies. An A cup in high school. Girls teased me about having small boobs, I'd say, "at least mine won't be around my knees at 40".

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have you ever herd of a boob job?

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just stating the facts. did you want them to rant about how big your non- existent boobs are?

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sabrinakay (and some numbers) you're right this dude is

"some numbers?" It's just 23!! What's wrong with you?!?!

don't worry op I actually kind of like flat chested women idk why actually I could care less

anything more than a handful just goes to waste

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I think u mean u like men no guy would want girls with flat chests unless they can't get a girl with boobs but no one would reject a girl with big/nice boobs if they had a choice

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^ well it depends what u do with it... but I prefer not too big, but in the end it doesn't matter- it's their beauty that really does, like yours... :)

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btw, I was replying to Mercedes

I decided that I actually just like ass more :) also I'm fairly sure that more men prefer ass over *******

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Yes it's true. Not everyone needs ones that will be hanging out the bottom of her shirt when she's 40.

I never said I would reject big boobs way to read and also I'm 13 not 8 your underestimating my intellect just a little bit

#6 did I read it wrong, but didn't they say you were 13? I didn't see a "8" within any of the comments. Now I find it ironic that you said not to insult your intelligence. lol troll face!

69, I'm an a cup (not flat, just small) and my boyfriend thinks I got the right size. not every guy wants big boobs.

Anything bigger than C is just blegh for me. Tastes vary, but I've never found big breasts to be appealing. They just don't look right.

ok I'll put to you this way 102 what im saying is that they should not just say oh he's ONLY 13 like I'm some kind of dumb ****

no you should still feel like shit for having small ****

^it's people like you that need to contract a flesh-eating virus and die! all women deserve to feel beautiful, you dumb frat-****!

13 year olds shouldn't be reading this! :o how much intellect do you really have? hell, when I was 13 I was dumb as a post...

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147- Not to brag, but I'm 13 and I know how many chromosones a mule has. So not every 13 year old is dumb.

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I wasn't aware mules had chromosones. Please, elaborate more.

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61 I disagree completely. I like flat chested women because 1) boobs are boobs and 2) there are a LOT more things to look for in a woman than the size of her ****. Love > infatuation. (I'm 15, just so you all know.)

Whether he prefers flat, small or big boobs, a good man will prefer to be with the girl even more, and make her feel beautiful no matter what, because that's what she is to him

That's just wrong for your dad to say? But still, it was a joke, it's the end of the year, lighten up, princess.

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damn!!!!! u need a leash cuz u just got dogged lol jk I wasnt serious