By La theRona - 5/8/2021 17:01 - United States


Today, I’m the only one in my family who's ever taken Covid seriously. This seemed to really annoy my siblings, so much so that they chased me, pulled off my mask, and dramatically coughed all over me. We’re all adults and though they found it hilarious, I’ve been having panic attacks all day. FML
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By  ChipBoundary  |  9

While their behavior is unacceptable, having panic attacks over what happened, or COVID for that matter, is ridiculous.

If something like that sends you over the edge you clearly need professional help. Panic attacks are by no means a rational response to things like this.

You might want to cut ties with your siblings until they decide to act like reasonable adults.
Please…don’t allow anyone to manipulate you into believing that this is your problem.
Your siblings are being selfish and irresponsible.