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Today, I was called a fascist and accused of being "racist" against poor people, all because some crazy meth-mouthed bitch couldn't afford some booze and expected me to cut the price by almost 40% so she could. FML
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dont you just wish it was legal to punch some people?


"That bitch wanted it for 60%, Yo!" -Jesse Pinkman

Working with the public is fun.... Especially when there's alcohol involved

dont you just wish it was legal to punch some people?

You mean it's not? Is that why those guys in blue uniforms keep slapping those shiny, silver bracelets on my wrists and taking me to that strange room made of metal bars for a few months every time I hit people?

So, in your world, punching the homeless is cool?

When was anything said about hitting homeless people?

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Bad part about hitting a meth-head in the mouth is not having the satisfaction of not knocking any teeth out.

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You have to love how the word 'racist' is thrown at every situation nowadays, whether it has any racial overtones or not. Next time tell her to go ask her drug dealer for a discount instead, so she can afford the booze.

I hope your being sarcastic with you loving the incorrect use of the word racist, because I'm racist against people who do that.

If you listen carefully, you can still hear the joke whizzing by. Neeeeeeerrrrroooooo

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That joke went waaaaay over your head #28.

probably trying to pay with food stamps too

Why does everyone always look down upon food stamps? I mean sure there are aasholes who take advantage of it, but they are great for those who truly need them.

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I have no problem with food stamps. Just don't try to get stuff like that with them; actually get food!

You can't use EBT for liquor or tobacco products.

I have no problem with food stamps either, just their abuse. The charming customer in question sounded like an abuser.

People look down on food stamps when they're spent on things like soda and chips instead of the nutrients you're supposed to by buying for your kids--that's what the money is for. Unfortunately, food stamps seem to be spent on the former much more than they are on the latter.

#53 from what I've read, the reason that people spend food stamps on unhealthy food a lot of the time is because unhealthy food is considerably cheaper than fruits and vegetables. Plus it can be stored for a hell of a lot longer and you could very well not have a fridge because you can't afford one. In which case, fruits and vegetables won't be your go to option.

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I've been spit on for not being able to take an expired coupon before. Costumer service is a bitch.

I agree that it can be. One of the things that I like about my job is that while I work in customer service, I work from home so I never have to experience face-to-face interactions with angry customers. This helps with avoiding situation escalation and also helps me to control my tongue with my customers because my voice is all they have to go by.

I've never personally been spit on, but I have already listened to someone bitch and complain for 20 minutes about 5cents already. Gotta love working with the public..

"Crazy meth-mouthed bitch." Bet the customers really love you, huh?

if someone pissed you off FIRST, its understandable to retaliate. you say that like he said this to her face first..

We retail workers really aren't compensated enough for dealing with some people :/ I had a woman rant and rave at me today because I wouldn't accept coupons intended for healthy food for her kids against an alcohol and pet food purchase.

I work in retail, and possibly the worse thing about customers yelling at me, in my opinion, is the fact that they think I make the prices up. I'm a sales associate who makes minimum wage, I wish I could be the people who determine the price!! My mom always told me everyone needs to work in retail and/or the food service once in their life, and now I see why. It makes you realize things you didn't before

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Idk where you guys are retaol, but I love my retail job. best college job ever. I make a few dollars more than min wage and commission

I work a retail job in college too. I make minimum wage, yet the company I work for made over $66K on Black Friday alone. But in college it's what you have to do. I love my job honestly, just sometimes I wish we were compensated more.

Oh, I love my job, and I consider myself very lucky to have a full time contract in this economy, it's just sometimes the people complaining don't appreciate we are human and have feelings as well.

wow, just wow! FML on being called a fascist.

You should've told her to go back to get trailer trash life and leave you alone.