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Today, my mother confused the terms 'necromancy' and 'necrophilia'. We had a great talk about why you shouldn't have sex with dead people. FML
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Well if you learnt necromancy you wouldn't have to commit necrophillia

And what makes "necromancy" all that much more appropriate to discuss than "necrophilia"? If anything, only one of them can actually occur outside of fiction. Sooo...


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Necromancy= raising the dead to life Necrophilia= Fucking with the dead

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What a waste of a #1 comment sorry haha.

Necromancy means communicating with the dead. Dungeons and Dragons misuse of the word should not take precedence.

necromancy is a whole school of magic in dungeons and dragons.necromancy is not resurrection .it's the raising of the dead,bodily.BODILY(necromancy is used for other purposes,communicating with the dead or summoning their spirit for divination)

PSYqualiac 17

#54, Necromancy is any and all death related magic. (Magic dealing with the dead, bot killing people.) It even says so in the name. D&D was mostly compiled by taking from various existing lore and altering it. They're not spot on, vut are close enough.

Well the sex education is often supposed to start at home.

They are ready for the impending Zombie outbreak, too bad there's no cream for that.

#17 no, but there is an app for that!

And what makes "necromancy" all that much more appropriate to discuss than "necrophilia"? If anything, only one of them can actually occur outside of fiction. Sooo...

Good one?

What's more appropriate to talk about? Sexual fetishes or types of magic?

Yes, I agree. I can think of no reason OP's mom should have needed to talk to them about either topic.

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What's wrong with a discussion about bringing the dead back to life? I theorize such topics all the time as well as play zombie games and watch The Walking Dead and other shows where the dead were seen to come back to life. And are you honestly telling me it's just as wrong to talk about fictional stuff as it is to talk about ******* a corpse?

Well if you learnt necromancy you wouldn't have to commit necrophillia

The way I understood it, necromancy is communicating with dead people, not reviving them. I don't believe that would be sufficient for a necrophiliac's interests.

Who's to say that a necromancer is necessarily a necrophiliac

#23 This makes some sense. The words necro and mancy translate loosely to "Master of the dead". Which tends to be why necromancy has commonly been associated with bringing back the dead.

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I bet dead people could still talk dirty, though.

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I know the traditional definition of "necromancy" is just talking to the dead. However, I read way too much fantasy. So I always think of it associated with raising the dead or other black magic associated with the dead. I can't be the only one.

uhm it's still necrophilia.even raised by a necromancer it's still a dead body

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59 Magic cannot alter the laws of nature by anycoven or religions rules. Dead is dead. The only instances of claimed success in bringing the dead to life, back to how they were when living, is when a god or deity does so. Nothing less. Anyhow, necromancy has had implications to other things involving the dead than just talking to them since the days of Alastair Crowley if I recall correctly. Communication was just the easiest and most practical. Attempts to raise the dead resulted in failure or if there was ever actual success, the results were never recorded. The attempts though have been around for centuries. The result just hasn't been achieved. 62 Depends. If it's raised and animated but not returned to life, yes. That is necrophillia. If it is returned to life with the soul returned as well... the body is alive as is the soul, so not necrophilia. I the body is returned to life but the soul and mind aren't there making it a hollow vessle eith no will or self thought, it's what you'd call sleeping with a coma patient...

oh god. I'm sorry, that must have been extremely awkward. FYL.

what is necomancy?

taylolol 12

Talking to the dead.

Could've sworn #11 told you the right answer. Lmao.

Necromancy actually is communicating with the dead, usually in order to predict the future. Somewhere along the lines, pop culture got it misconstrued into raising the dead.

magic using the power of the dead.

Oh dear. I think I got them mixed up too and am in the wrong profession. I thought I was a necromancer.

What the ****?

Quite a Freudian slip

PSYqualiac 17

No. A Freudian Slip is when you say something you didn't mean to say. Not when you confuse two things. An example would be if you told your parents you were hanging with some friends, but then you make a comment about one of them that you know your parents don't want you around. That would count.

Good point. What if her confusion of the two words was caused by an unconscious motive to either have sex with the dead/bring the dead back to life?

Dont you hate it when your parents get to that age where you need to have "the talk" with them about not confusing sexual fetishes? I think my mother was equally horrified that i knew what a snowball is, as what it actually entails.

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What is that?

youre already on the internet google it

I'm scared to google it

Then google donkey punch, one eyed pirate, and the hog tie. Or just go right to and start surfing. I have a drinking game for, take a shot every time you find a definition that disgust you.

#31 That sounds like a very quick and easy game to learn. How would you know when the game is over and who won?

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It's your funeral...

Whoever has to go to the hospital for alcohol poisoning first is the loser, though they'll both feel like losers the next morning

The best drinking games have no winners.

It should only count if it's not an obviously made up bullshit definition