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To answers some questions and requests- 1) yes I did post one of the videos to my YouTube channel which I will provide a link to 2) Moms do not ruin life, they make it possible 3) In my moms defense I never told her take take my phone but I just thought she would have thought to when she saw me snapchating people 4) The I didn't give my mom my phone is because we didn't think they would effect me so much since they didn't really effect my 3 older siblings when they got their out. 5) Sorry for the long follow up but here's the link to video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jaOEDYDInZ4 Or just search my YouTube channel Sydspears3
By sydspears3 / Tuesday 9 September 2014 18:08 / United States - Tampa
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By  TheKaseReibe  |  6

Moms ruin all life

  onlychildFTW  |  33

I don't understand how people can be susceptible to drugs. I was in Tylenol 3s and morpheme at the same time and felt fully fine other then a little light headed. I guess the same people must have troubles with alcohol to.

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