By sydspears3 - 09/09/2014 18:08 - United States - Tampa

Today, I found out I sent several embarrassing videos while under the influence of the meds I was given while getting my wisdom teeth out. When I asked my mom why she didn't take my phone, she said she tried but I started whining and growling at her. FML
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sydspears3 tells us more.

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To answers some questions and requests- 1) yes I did post one of the videos to my YouTube channel which I will provide a link to 2) Moms do not ruin life, they make it possible 3) In my moms defense I never told her take take my phone but I just thought she would have thought to when she saw me snapchating people 4) The I didn't give my mom my phone is because we didn't think they would effect me so much since they didn't really effect my 3 older siblings when they got their out. 5) Sorry for the long follow up but here's the link to video Or just search my YouTube channel Sydspears3

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Well in her defense, I wouldn't take your phone either if you were growling at me

I don't know about you, but my mom gave me life


Well in her defense, I wouldn't take your phone either if you were growling at me

If she did she could always delete them and pray nobody saved the videos.

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Yep link is in the long follow-up

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Drugs make you do crazy things! At least you have a good excuse for everyone.

I don't understand how people can be susceptible to drugs. I was in Tylenol 3s and morpheme at the same time and felt fully fine other then a little light headed. I guess the same people must have troubles with alcohol to.

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When I got my wisdom teeth taken out I was just really tired. Guess it really depends on the person.

ah well as long as there weren't any nude shots involved i think you'll survive through the embarassment

In fairness she'd probably have taken the videos anyway...

That really sucks OP, but I'm sure that if you explain to those you sent the video too, they will understand and think nothing of it.