By Anonymous - United States - Birmingham
  Today, my girlfriend was spending the day at my place. Later on, I walked in while she was making lunch. She had a jar of mayo in her hand, and I joked, "I have some mayo, but it doesn't come from a jar." She had a bluetooth headset on, and was in a call with her father. 5ML
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  MidnaLink  |  32

The only reason I take it seriously is because I don't put up with that sexist crap. Forgive me for just giving a damn. But then again, I'm writing to the same guy that pulled that cleavage comment.


@30 You seriously think that when a guy refers to the sandwich joke he actually means it as some sort of sexist statement? Its a joke you retard, and so was the other comment you referred to. If anything that other one was sexist against men, because it was implying that her boss was stereotypically sleazy. Stop confusing humor with seriousness.

  hellryu  |  20

Nohman didn't call anyone a name like retard or anything and SuckMeBeautu1 didn't say he was innocently funny. Either way, people should lighten up, jokes aren't meant to be taken seriously.