By owwie - 13/02/2010 20:11 - United States

Today, it snowed in South Carolina for the first time in 10 years. It snowed eight whole inches! I was so excited, I yelled for my kids and ran outside to build a snowman. I ran out to the steps and slipped on ice. I woke up in the hospital with a bad concussion. The snow had all melted. FML
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come to canada!!!we have free healthcare!!!andsnow!!!


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how is tht desperate? lol I posted it to see who wuld reply!! as in u!!!! hhehe loser

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wat the crap? how does tht make me a *****

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:( my comment was moderated...

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Happens to the best of us Cow~ Hell it happens to me... Oh wait... It never happened to me... D:

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And your a dumbass. I'd rather be a weirdo than a dumbass. Wouldn't you agree dumb bitch.


Alright senior caps lock. You're a little late, the comments we were replying to have been deleted.

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True... That just makes our comments look like we are indeed the idiots >.>


It'll probably get worse when his comments get deleted too.

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Konny please go get a brain transplant~ Everytime you write a comment your stupidity spreads.

Comments like this give illiterate crack addicts a bad na-- oh.


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Saten... I mean Sirin to the rescue XD

I love responding to things that get deleted and now makes my reply look pointless

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uh, 45, guys can be ******. hence the term 'man *****'.

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I think it's called a tranny.

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i know this. all they said is guys can't be ******. no tranny were mentioned.

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*reads comments again* did it get wiped, ajjas? i isn't say all guy were ******. i just sai there is such a thing as a guy that is a *****. *sigh*

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didn't* damn this ******* auto-correction! D:

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Yeah mine got wiped too. Whatever though.

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Konny said mind your own business.

Yay for Sirin. Protecting us from trolls one hammer at a time. Shame though. Looks like I missed a good fight. Was someone picking on you again, Ajjas?

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I call fake. 8 inches of snow doesn't melt in a matter of hours. unless you were in a coma...

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snickers I want you to be the mother of my children

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it also snowed 2 years ago in south Carolina while I was at basic training at Ft. Jackson

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people spend way too much time on here...

umm idk weather to laugh or feel pity towards OP

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i thought trannys were transexual as in he-she idk though

lying piece of shit less than a month ago i should know, i live there

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the OP exaggerated the amount of snow, it was like 4 to 6 inches from where I stay (SC)

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This story made me feel kinda bad FYL

duuuuude come on over to Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada! what's the coldest it gets there? -15? it gets about -45 here! celcius, not farenheit

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I live In sc. the temperature the next day was in the 60s not cold enough for the snow to stay. so not fake . I was here.

not all canadians like snow you stupid hillbilly your probably from Edmonton or somethin

If you hate snow leave and join her where if it snows you're too much of a wimp you end up killing yourself from some snow. Weather happens people learn to coupe already

188 good call! if you get that excited for snow,move to canada, you'll ******* lose ur mind by December 10th if not sooner. if there's anything you'll run for, it'll be ur car to get away from the cold (after you scrape the 3 inches of ice off it first of course)

obviously he's Mexican if he hates snow

I know this is about four years late, but, do you wanna build a snowman?

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aww ): that suckkkkkksssssss. well at least the concussion wasn't too bad, you can still write fml's! but still, suckksssss. but also, yay, (:

there was 8 inches of snow? how the hell did you even slip?

I have a quick question: Why is it appealing to excessively multiply letters in a word? Elongating the word "sucks" to sixteen letters seems like a waste of energy and space.

boopitybopity, I wonder the same thing. it's rather irritating too.

AngryNinja and deathcab7, please see comment #132. FML moved it to a reply for #7.

oh well sorry poeple think its irritating. it was spur of the moment. i wont ever do it again. :/ haha. no but really, i was full of energy! sorry. :)

It's okay, deathcab7, I'm not condemning you. It just has always annoyed me when I would read that "style" and for some reason, it reminds me of a 12 year old valley-girl-wannabe. Nothing against you personally. Just my opinion.

she can draw out sucks if she wants to. get a life and stop complaining about why you hate it when people draw out words like "sucks". don't you have anything better to do?

I am very aware she can "draw out sucks if she wants to" just as much as I am entitled to state my opinion. Maybe you didn't read it carefully enough, but I never nagged that omg I hate that!!!11-- I simply implied my dislike for the comment, explained why, and moved on. It would seem that you're the one who has nothing better to do.

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I live in SC too! :D The snow was so pretty~

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but it sucked cause all the snow melted f the sun y did it have to melt??

8 inches? That's NOTHING compared to what we got! I don't blame the OP for slipping though-- down south ya rarely get much snow at all (I grew up in the south, so I was shell shocked by the amount we have in PA) and it's easy to get carried away. That, and when you're used to snow, you learn to be more careful.

My apologies, AngryNinja. I didn't mean to offend anyone; I thought I was asking a legitimate question. Thanks for explaining anyway, even though you thought I was intentionally being rude. Apologies to deathcab7, as well, if she believed the same as AngryNinja.

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it is a legit question, i just found the way it was worded bitchy. sorry for snapping.

It's quite alright. I reread my comment, and you're right, it did seem offensive. I'll try to word future comments better. Thanks!

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dude I no I grew up in NY **** the south and it's lack of snow haha but it is funny to watch how excited people get like they close school for 1 inch of snow it's hallarious

We got 12.5 inches of snow here in the south. And we only cancel school if it gets to about 4 inches.

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It's still amusing to anyone who grew up in a snowy area, if a school will close for something under a foot, unless there's something else going along with it. (Winds strong enough to blow a car off the road, temperatures in the negatives, and even then, its usually closed for that reason, not the snow.)

Freeze, where I grew up (down south), school would be cancelled if it even started to flurry. It was so rare to see snow, no one had the equipment to deal with the roads-- including the county.

boopityboppity, I don't see how your first comment was rude, bitchy, or offensive in any way. Your question was valid and straight forward. I think the crudeness originated from AngryNinja.

Lucky you. I went to school on the day a record was set for most snow in North Texas. The district here always bases its decision off of Dallas in the area I live in, and the guys who make the decision there always wake up as early as possible to get the buses out and going. I guess it wasn't all bad, aside from almost crashing on the way to school and learning that turning the wheel in the direction of the skid is total BS.

DerangedFox, the rudeness appears to have originated from AngryNinja simply because she thought I was being rude. in response, and defense of deathcab7, she was slightly rude herself. If you read over my comment again, you might see a way to interpret it the same way AngryNinja did.  Also, I didn't see the point of escalating things. An exchange of insults surely would have followed, and I thought that would be tiresome. I also kind of like AngryNinja's comments (she's very direct), so making nice was a pretty simple choice to make. 

oh man. in Canada, school doesn't get cancelled because of snow very often, (the city I am from atleast)! -50 below with windchill, blizzarding, and school is still on. although we are advised to stay in.

freeze.. well at least you weren't one of 3 out of 500 schools not cancelled on a day with 2 feet of snow on the ground. i feel your pain dude lol.

boopityboppity, if you're still even following the comments of this FML, that's fair. I don't have anything against AngryNinja at all. I wasn't trying to take sides, I merely agreed with your original question. I still don't really see any crudeness in your first post, but I might attribute the fact that I agree to my blindness. Good for you to be the bigger person, though!

I checked one more time specifically to see if you had replied. Not much left to say except thanks!

That's terrible. Hope you feel better.

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Did your kids still make the snowman? I would be proud if the stepped over me and made a snowman. Sounds like you were more excited than your kids were, being the one to slip and all.