By monkeywrench - 01/05/2012 05:14 - United States

Today, I got some spam stating that I'd have no love life in the coming 10 years if I didn't reply to it. So, no different to the last 10 years then. FML
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NiveaKK 9

Go out and meet new people,OP I'm sure you can find someone suitable for you :)


We can all be forever alone together :)

Okay. So if all the forever alone's got together and stayed together, they would be forever friends. But if one of them decided to date another one, then we would have forever lovers. Then they would eventually become forever pregnant. Then give birth to a baby forever alone. But because they are *forever* they can't die and they keep multiplying!

Forever Together? That's an interesting thought...

But if they were forever pregnant, how would the give birth?

I feel like I just divided by 0. Oh well, least I'll be forever with people :D

JayBear14 11

I read this is the morning and didn't understand it because I thought it meant spam the food. Now reading it when I am awake, it makes a lot more sense.

10 years alone.... I think he's feeling himself...

NiveaKK 9

Go out and meet new people,OP I'm sure you can find someone suitable for you :)

Da_Bauss435 8

OP, you are the chosen one. You have been chosen as someone's date on eHarmony.

Guys, I dunno. It appears OP didn't reply to the same spam 10 years prior to this one. He's really ******* himself over on this one..

A delicious way to find out you're ******. *crack* -You will have no love life for the next ten years- DEPRESSION BINGE! NOMNOMNOM.

Spam is yummy though! Not that kind of spam? Oh... Um...this is a wee bit awkward...

it goes great with corn and french fries

4 - The spam mentioned in the post is a message sent indiscriminately to large numbers of recipients on the Internet, or sometimes on phones.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

I just choked on my Fruit Loops from the sheer dumbness of this moment.

Maybe the mods made him reply to himself...

Processing . . . Loading connection to server . . . Connection Failed. Genius!

mhopper 13

Spam with eggs and rice.... Mmmmm :)

So... I WAS going to reply to 17 to point out how he was missing the obvious sarcasm, but... It appears he already took care of that himself... I wish we had more people around here who pointed out their own stupidity to themselves. It's quite entertaining.

Am I the only one to think that 17 is schizophrenic? No? Just me...

Believe in yourself! Why should others if you don't?

skullofdarkness 18

I'm in the same boat as OP, some people just don't get noticed, and so don't get dates. :/ sad but true

Maybe it's true, but being noticed has also something to do with confidence. If you pretent to believe in yourself just a little, I promise more people will notice you!

Aww well plz dont try eharmony. These online dating sites are ridiculous!!

But.. One in six marriages met online!

TwiztedYuri 9

6 of 6 end in divorce. and then more start its the cycle of online meetings. that's what the real world is for.

jaredofmo 22

My sister met her husband online. It'll be three years for them in July, and they're still going strong.

May not sound like the most romantic story when telling your children how you met their father, but it could be worse and take >7 seasons..

Go to clubs, bars and maybe even dating sites..? There's always someone out there waiting for you OP, you just need to find them.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Those are seriously the worst places to find companionship. Unless OP is looking for some birthday herpes, of course.

#14 - I knew someone was going to bring back that FML! Those are the places people usually find love or companionship. Nothing like a sex fest in some bar to brighten your dull life or the nervousness waiting for a reply on a dating site.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Whatever happened to just staring awkwardly at people on the bus? Or scooting undesirably close to someone on a park bench, feeding pigeons? How times have changed...

perdix 29

#24, aw, you are old school. Meeting people online is the way to go. Once you've established mutual interest, you should meet them in real life as soon as possible. It's so nice to know a person's true height, weight, age, income, marital status, etc. before you blow a ton of money liquoring them up and sharing bodily fluids.

Especially marital status- who indicates married on a dating site? "James, 35years old. I am looking for a fun and easy going lady to hang out with when my 3rd wife is giving me the ***** about my 2nd wife. Must be able to get along with my jealous 1st wife. Must want lots of children - don't worry they wont be any of yours. Must be slender - I only have a king single bed to share with my 3 wives."

You'll meet someone special someday! You only need one amazing person in the end, and I'm sure you'll find them (:

skullofdarkness 18

Would you be my someone special? ;) lol just kidding, but seriously, cliche sayings really don't have anything on actually having a S.O.

Don't rush OP. Just relax, take it slow, and let the good times roll.