By bad luck? - 19/01/2012 05:44 - Australia

Today, it was my first day being a full-time paramedic. I was shot in the arm. FML
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Fuck you for trying to be funny.

Except it's 000 in Australia


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Fuck you for trying to be funny.

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No it died

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Yeah, guns are wounded when they do the thing they were built to do...

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Trying to be funny fail

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All of your comments suck.

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Fail. Just... No.

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What brought that up 144? No one said it wasn't horrible or tragic....... Why are you flipping out though??

Ph an 144 also don't assume people don't know what it's like to watch something like that. I've seen shit too. I've watched my best friend slit her arm open because her father molested her and her mom beat her and I couldn't do shit about it. Just because you've seen something horrible doesn't mean you have the right to flip a bitch at random people who you don't know. You have no fucking idea what any of us have seen...

@144 - Cool story, bro. Tell it again!

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Wow you think you the only person to see bad shit happen?! I've had friends get shot in the back of the head while I'm standing right next to them. Just be GLAD AND LUCKY that you are alive. We see people being shot or killed almost every week out here in L.A.

Fucking cuntflap.

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Except it's 000 in Australia

You LUCKY bastard. It was your arm.

True, getting shot in ANYWHERE but a vital organ is lucky if a gun is around. Still sucks though.

He used to b a paramedic until he got an arrow in the knee

Be* also arrow to the knee jokes are overused.

#24. I think #4 was meaning that he got a nice battle wound to show off and it really didn't hurt him really bad. Still, getting shot sucks no matter where it is.

#45 I think you read into #4's comment a little to much...

No no. I agree. My first thought when I read this comment was that's awesome. I want to get shot in the arm.

Call 9-1-1 oh shoot you are 9-1-1 lol... Just kidding man that sucks

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Except here in Australia it's 000

And 999 in England.

Just a general tip when commenting on FMLs, stick to one topic, i.e don't jump from trolling the OP to feeling sorry for him, the other users usually don't appreciate that.

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I thought they changed it. I already memorized the jingle! 01189998819991197253

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In Australia you don't save man shot with gun as paramedic, you are man shot with gun!

captainsuperdawg, you made my day.

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Best show ever Maybe op should have sent an email hahaha

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That sucks... No more paramedic I'm guessin

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You should have shot him with your syringes.

"Stay back! I have... *looks over* needles!" The guy screams like a little girl and runs. Oh needles, why art thou so terrifying?

Übercharge ready!

85 - Now doktor! Hit charge!

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Hahaha, is that a TF2 reference?

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gosh FYL

well you know what to do...get to work jk that sucks man

At least u was prepared

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u was?..

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At least u is unprepared to use correct grammar..

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People like 13 really grind my gears...why do these people say "you is" or "I is"? It doesn't sound as cool as you think. F***ing dumb people!

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Word dawg.

I could hear someone say that Ina country accent

I heard a ghetto accent...