By PickedOff - United States

Far out, man

Today, I was worried about my brother because he said that his new medication was making him hallucinate. I told him he should see a doctor right away. He said it was fine and that he had already seen a doctor. I later found out the doctor he was talking about was a hallucination. FML
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  saksxalmo  |  20

#70-- The word inception didn't originally refer to a dream within a dream. It didn't refer to inserting ideas in someone's mind either. When it's used in either of those ways, it's a reference to the movie.

By  Ugi  |  26

I'm afraid OP that you should probably _take_ him to see a doc. Clearly he can't drive and you don't want to hallucinate that the bus you are about to catch is a big wave you should be riding or something.

Sounds like he should not be on this medication or at least not this dose but it's the doc who needs to be making that call.