By wrestling probs - 26/05/2015 02:24 - United States

Today, I was wrestling in a tournament. I was in the finals about to win when the kid threw up on me. They thought I'd hit him in the stomach hard enough to make him throw up, so they disqualified me. FML
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I would probably just tell everyone that I won anyway.


At least it will make a good story. FYL OP

Yeah because telling everyone about the time he lost the wrestling tournament due to some guy throwing up is way better than actually winning it

at least u learnt a new move lol...sorry OP

#21, im not sure where I said telling the story is better than winning...

As someone who has won a wrestling tournament and had someone throw up on them (at a party), the second one makes the better story

I would probably just tell everyone that I won anyway.

I hope the kid told them what really happened. Who wants to falsely win over a DQ?

I know you meant disqualified but I have to be honest and tell you that for a good few seconds there I thought you were talking about Dairy Queen.

Wow! He took a dive to win like a Boss? I bet his second sport is soccer...

CharlesEmersonW 31

I'm a soccer player and I will be offended . . . Just as soon as i get up from my REAL and utterly true fall :))

He probably had too many pancakes for breakfast.

you should had hit him hard enough later.