By Anonymous - 14/09/2012 20:47 - New Zealand - Dunedin

Today, I learned that you can be so sleep deprived that you sleep through your alarm, a construction crew outside your house, and your bladder completely voiding itself. FML
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MonsterCommenter 4

OP, the real question here is: How long did you go without sleep?

It isn't really that hard to get, 46. If it was really that difficult for you then I think you made a typo in your username. **Blondegirl69


day624 14

Can't say I've been in that situation..

Well that's great for you.

Unfortunately, I can.

That my friend, is called blacking out

HowAreYouToday 34

Nah, that's called college

I wanted to say YDI, but because the OP is a woman in Otago, which is where my Jr High School crush moved to, I just can't bring myself to do that. I'm probably a sucker.

dixiefoxx 22

I have. I've been late to school because I've slept through my alarm going off, let me tell you, it's not fun.

SailorSolaris 43

Yeah, close for me. Insomnia sucks big.

Lay off the sleep aids, OP

Yes, I know. I was trying to think of something clever and I failed miserably.

47- Yes, you did

Thank you, 56. I wasn't sure if I truly failed until you confirmed it.

Why would u assume he uses sleeping aids?

I was actually just making a joke. Sleep aids can cause you to sleep longer and be less likely to wake up in the event of noises. I never actually thought OP was taking any.

62- Here I am thinking that sleep aids cause you to wake up several times per night and become sensitive to even the slightest noise.... Thank you for imparting your wisdom to me.

69 - I was answering 58's question. I already admitted it was stupid. I don't need more people confirming what I already admitted to. My day sucked and I'm tired of coming on here to relax and then getting bitched at even when I already admitted my mistake.

Stop trying so hard 70...

72 - thanks for you words of wisdom. >.>

No really, 72. That's almost as clever as the guy who read my profile, just to come up with a clever way to call me fat last night. I admitted my comment sucked, and I got thumbed down. If you have nothing intelligent to add quit commenting just so you can be seen. It's not any better than my lame comment.

Still not gunna try stopping are we?...

MonsterCommenter 4

OP, the real question here is: How long did you go without sleep?

Probably a long time. But sleep is weird, one time during the summer I went to bed at 9:15, and woke up at 2:30 the following afternoon. Go figure.

39 time use am or pm so we get your point.

It isn't really that hard to get, 46. If it was really that difficult for you then I think you made a typo in your username. **Blondegirl69

9:15 pm and 2:30 pm...

I've done that too 39, except it ended up being about 22 hours total, for no real reason.

stuner56 22

He hasn't slept in so long he hallucinated a llama

Maybe she just likes James Bond?

46- that's why I said "the following afternoon" you retard.

46 & 75: The fail is strong in you two.

Shit. Well at least you finally got some sleep

As an insomniac... I get it!

And what have you been doing all night? If you know what I mean;)

day624 14

No, I don't know.. Please elaborate

kittytub 12

playing checkers! if you know what I mean ;)

mduffy08 8

Shut the fuck up. You know what I mean.

Waxing the weasel?

Kefka91 15

Engorging the elephant?

Studying for that blasted history exam in Mr. Hedworth's class?

Maybe.. perhaps.. sleeping? Just throwing it out there.

Lol 15, u look like my grandpa who always thinks i dont work hard

xCrazyMexican 4

Cool story bro

I can only imagine how long you'd have had to go without sleep for that to happen...

I have manic periods and once went four days without sleep. When the mania broke I crashed for two days. For 48 hours I was completely out cold. OP was probably running on no sleep for a couple of days.

Meow_Bitches 7

Strange enough... Ive been through something like that before... Do you have sleeping disorders like me OP? if not then I suggest talking to your doctor or changing your bedroom :)

Well it sure is ALARMing;)!

captainburke 5

Aw you must've been seriously pissed off when you woke up, sorry op!

You must've been really tired to have to have slept through all those things. That's not good for you. If possible, try to sleep earlier? If not... good luck!