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Today, I drove in heavy rain for the first time, by myself. I had been told to drive below the speed limit, and be extra careful of the cars around me. Nobody had told me about thunder scaring a cow that would then escape from the corral and hit my car. FML
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By  josh8215  |  21

I'm sure you tried to moove out of the way, so don't have a cow. It wasn't your fault, and I dairy someone to say they would have done better.

Accidents happen OP. Better luck next time.

By  revolvearoundme  |  15

First that sucks, hopefully you're ok and your insurance or the cows owner will cover the repairs also good job driving slower. Second, that's awesome if that's your first accident. Surprisingly you'll find many chances in life to tell about your first auto accident and that's a pretty interesting one. Just be glad it didn't fall off a cliff onto your moving car (which has happened to people before).