By Anonymous - / Tuesday 1 October 2013 07:30 / Austria - Vienna
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  squidgy787  |  22

#4- OP said he was middle aged, not on death's door. I'm middle aged and think I look pretty dang good. Am I now banned from chatting people up because I'm no longer in my twenties?

  queerdragon  |  20

I mean, he didn't try to touch Op. He said his apartment was around the corner, Op is the one who nodded and went along with it. She was giving all the signs that she was interested in him. How is he "ew" when Op was the one who made the mistake?

  starile  |  19

Yeah, she prolly missed out on a chance with a great guy bc of it... keep asking dudes if their pensions are nearby, OP. You'll get laid after all.


Actually, most Germans will just use 'stewardess' or 'Flugbegleiter/in' (flight companion). No one in Germany will be offended or confused by the word stewardess since we do use it ourselves, and no one in their right mind will translate it to mean 'Saftschubse' or juice pusher. Unless they WANT to offend the stewardess, of course.

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