By jmac - 11/03/2012 03:06 - United States

Today, I dropped a knife while cooking. Luckily it missed my foot, but only because it hit my knee. FML
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I used to cook, then i took a chefs knife to the knee.

PYLrulz 17

Ok, how many of those godforsaken "Arrow to Knee" jokes, or modified versions of it, will there be?!?


sucks to be you, eh?

shanemaximo 7

This could have turned out so much worse.

O.o you have "derp" written on your profile...when does the narwhal bacon?

oops_im_fucked 8

So how was the meal?

9 do you mean like took an arrow to the knee maybe ?

I wish I could say I knew what your question meant..

My goddamn #14, do you really think that all memes and things like "derp" only come from reddit? This is why the rest of the internet, especially 4chan, hate redditors.

To be a cook like you, then I took a knife to the knee.

Jakesterk96 8

*face palm* *I used

n_epic_fail 14

"I use to love cooking, until I took a knife to the knee." no I still like the sound of "arrow" better.

CrassKal 27

I'm unsure which would have been a better area to take a knife. The feet contain a lot of nerve endings, so they feel a lot more pain, but the knee is the most complicated joint in the body.

I used to make "arrow to the knee" jokes but then I took a pussy to my dick

How did it manage to hit your knee?

MustangGirl72 9

I hope that wasn't a serious question.

I can imagine it scraping it, but even then, you're wearing pants

MustangGirl72 9

41: Not everyone wears pants while cooking. Some wear shorts or nothing and it could have been a very sharp knife.

They could be wearing shorts or be in their underwear. :D

Well then it very nearly could have hit his penis. Depending on OP's penile length and whether or not he is aroused by cooking.

No, no, no you're all wrong. OP's knee clearly tried to be helpful and catch the knife..

I guess you took a knife to the knee... Sorry, I had to

Should've been wearing knee pads!

That's 3 words.

miz_kamakazi 11

Look on the bright side, at least it didn't hit your crotch.

AkshaySauce 5

My testicles serve as an excellent pillow and/or pincushion.

Pincushions and knife blocks are also good for resting knives on/in. :)

hubla 0

I use to be a great cook like you until I took a knife to the knee

Then she could have acquired a second vagina :)

"Today while cooking, I dropped a knife and it gave me a cut on my crotch that started bleeding. I called an ambulance and the paramedic was a super hot chick. I got a boner and then the blood started shooting out of the cut on my dick. FML"

Oh my god the amount of arrow to the knee type jokes that can be made is enormous but i wont say anything and leave the rest up to your imagination.

101- It's a man...

ydi for not making a woman do the cooking

PYLrulz 17

Ok, how many of those godforsaken "Arrow to Knee" jokes, or modified versions of it, will there be?!?

MsMeiriona 2

Well, the first one seemed to be made the second after you had the thought, so...

Ah damn, I was hoping to make some but you already pointed it out and there are some down there. Not soon enough

JurassicHole 5

58 - No.

I used to cook like yo... SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

bizarre_ftw 21

I used to cook like you, but then- well, actually no.... I've never managed to drop a sharp object only to impale a seemingly out-of-risk part of my body, how does one cook like you again?

crazyblackchick 0

Brace yourself The 'Arrow to the knee' jokes are coming.

No 58 you will be thumbed down mercilessly

I used to cook, then i took a chefs knife to the knee.

Well, I'm still a chef, but only because I took a rolling pin to the knee... I really hate myself for making a "to the knee" joke now...

OMG, is the knife okay? ):

Yeah, is the knife ok?

#15- I like how original you are.

I'm sorry to say this but it didn't make it. :'(

Awes0meperson 10


ABiggerPenus 0

Almost took a knife to the knee there.

I think you need to work on your reading comprehension just a tad bit. :) "It hit my knee" =/= "Almost"

=/= should be ≠, but I couldn't figure out how to make the inequation symbol on my phone :|.

Don't worry. Here on FML, we settle for close enough.

bizarre_ftw 21

Unless it's spelling. then your sentenced to a firing squad

Not the best time to use Muy Thai as your defense ;)