By Anonymous - United States - Eugene
Today, while showing off the sharpness of my new katana, I missed my target and hit my shoe. The strike cut into the second toe of my right foot, which then had to be amputated. Demonstration successful. FML
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By  CSSDimian  |  6

As a person with a large sword collection and years of training under my belt, my question is - How the actual F do you manage to cut your foot? What were you even doing? The incompetence is unreal.


I was thinking that maybe he was trying to slice something vertically, missed, and because those things aren't light, he couldn't stop his arms before they went down with the weight of the katana, and then it went straight into his foot.

By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

The only people who should have access to actually edged swords are trained martial artists. Even blunt training swords can be dangerous in a non-regulated environment.