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  iLike2Teabag  |  27

Having seen the music video for "Turn Down For What", I wouldn't recommend either of those things.

The cop will end up joining the party and whoever picks up the phone will have his face melted...

  Kitten_love  |  22

My apartment complex won't do anything unless there is a police report written. Talk to your neighbor and when that fails (which it seems it has), call the police.

  roxzanne22  |  20

I agree! Why should a disabled person be considered any less of an arsehole just because of their disability?
Still a human being. Still capable of being rude!

By  Enkeria  |  30

I'm really sorry OP. My brother-in-law and sister had to go through this. Honestly, the best advice I have is call the police when he won't turn down the music, and if the landlord tries to evict you, fight it. The landlord legally has to do something about it and obviously they aren't doing anything. Another option is move out without the 30 day notice. I know, normally, you have to give them a month's advance of the move, BUT this is so unacceptable.

By  StickyPickles  |  33

Don't police handle noise complaints? If the asshat won't turn the music down he might reconsider after being fined. Or you could put some gay porn on with the volume all the way up while you are at work. .