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Today, my mom told me that if I wanted to commit suicide, I should make it seem like a car accident, and not do it in the house, because she would be too embarrassed if people thought she was a bad parent. FML
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Ironic how that very statement makes her a bad parent

You clearly need to talk over a few things with her


You clearly need to talk over a few things with her

Especially if he actually IS suicidal. I can't believe any human being could say that to someone, let alone their own child.

Agreed, this is disgusting.

Agreed that this is disgusting for a parent to say, but talking it over may not help - mom may be beyond help. OP, that sucks. Google "narcissistic mothers" and hang in there, you deserve better.

Exactly, that's your mom..... The person you go to for stuff like that

Agreed. You combined the two comments before you.

Ouch, let's hope she was joking!

joking or not, a mother should never day this to her kid

#25 your username makes your statement even more clear.

Nobody should say something like this to anyone, suicide isn't something to joke about

As he posted this on FML, I'm gonna say he didn't take it as a joke.

Shouldn't joke about suicide :(

Call a hot line and talk to them or suggest going to family therapy. Maybe take a few days and stay somewhere else until you know how to bring it up to your mom. No parent should say that. I have a friend who committed suicide and his mom found him. It's a horrible thing. I'm sorry OP and I hope you and your mom can get the help you need.

What a fucked up mother

kill her instead, make that look like a car crash accident.

Haha you people are violent. But for some reason I love it.

I hear that a lot.

I suggest making use of the ocean over in California, a boating trip with a "slip" overboard could prove fatal.

but boat trips cost a lot.. You don't wanna spend any more money on that bitch.

Thats the beautiful part, she'll pay for it to seem like a good mother.

Yes.. yes.. *evil laughter*

Ironic how that very statement makes her a bad parent

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If somebody is seriously suicidal it's statements like that of OP's mom which could push them over the edge. And saying they are coward doesn't make it any better either as they most often already think low of themselves. Also, suicidal people have some real problems whereas OP's mom is only thinking of her image. To me her statement is definitely more distasteful than anything that could be on the other side of the medal.

I understand that there's two sides to every story, but sometimes people really don't do anything to deserve it. When we were watching a movie where someone was swallowing a lot of pills, my brother looked at me and said "take notes". I didn't say anything to him. And I'm not even starting on the 'cowardly' thing because most people with that view have their head too far up their ass to try empathy.

#80 No matter what the context, she is basically saying she cares more about what people think of her as a parent than she does about her child committing suicide. What other side do you imagine there could be to that?

#103, in another comment branch someone mentioned that OP may have been using suicide to manipulate a situation (e.g. if i don't get an ipad for my birthday, I'll kill myself). His mother's response may have been to dismiss ridiculousness.

Well first off that's no way to talk to your child. Secondly, if you are having thoughts like that I suggest you find someone to talk to about it. That definitely is not the solution, no matter what your insensitive mother says. Stay strong OP.

Sometimes talking about it doesn't help

yea it does, helps you see the problem in a whole you perspective

Oh shut up you're not in their position telling someone to just talk it out won't help. And neither will disagreeing with someone when they tell you it's not that simple, makes you seem ignorant and close minded.

Woah, sometimes talking about it does help. It just doesn't solve the issue. Maybe if you talk to someone they can get you to a professional.

or at leadt the weighing last would be gone from the shoulders.

i cab honestly say someone's talking just makes the thoughts stronger

next time it comes up just say "no mom i am homicidal not suicidal"

Does she speak without thinking or is she just in denial about her parenting?

Not related to your response, but can I just say that your dog is adorable!

your mom kinda sounds like an ass

She sounds like a great mother. mother of the hear award should be hers!

What about mother of the see award? Also, if you're going to go the sarcasm route you'll have to do a much better job of it. ... At least I hope that's what you were attempting, because if you're serious... I can't even think about it.