Some people are irredeemable

By given.sins619 - 11/04/2023 22:00

Today, I got the news that the family who adopted me decided to send me back because I didn't share their MAGA ideals. This is the second family to send me back after the first one decided they couldn't financially take care of me. FML
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That is what I would call a bullet dodged.

Y'know what, just be glad to get away from those idiots in the first place. Though, how someone can think it's ok to send an orphan/foster child back is beyond me.


Y'know what, just be glad to get away from those idiots in the first place. Though, how someone can think it's ok to send an orphan/foster child back is beyond me.

I am glad, at times they get scary - but unfortunately being sent back still hurts

That is what I would call a bullet dodged.

The legislators who voted the you can sens back the child you’ve adopted law were truly sick.

AGREED! Once you adopt a child, that child is supposed to legally be the same as a biological child and you can't just send back a biological child.

Horrible situation! OP you definitely have my sympathy… My impression is that in the USA it depends on the state law if adoptions are “reversible” or not. I think most are not reversible once finalized. My ex and I were once foster parents and at one time we had a teenager who had been put in foster care because of the situation between him and his parents. The odd thing was that he had a sibling who had been adopted and he felt like they were loved more than him because his sibling was “chosen” while he was born to them… It’s never wise to argue religion or politics with your parents, adopted or not. You don’t have to echo back their nonsense, but you also don’t have to argue over things that they aren’t likely to change their minds over. Sometimes the wise thing to do is to just not say anything. Occasionally if you are clever you can ask questions that may untimely get them to reconsider false beliefs and assumptions - If you can do so while appearing earnest in wanting to understand and not just as another way of arguing.

I never really argued with anyone cuz I wanted to fit in and make a good impression, and tbh I thought I was making progress cuz I been with them for 8 month by then but in the end I wasn't good enough

It's always wise to argue over politics. How other people vote affects whether I have rights to control the contents of my uterus.

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On the one hand, incompatibility is a real thing. For OP, it sucks to get sent back but at least they don't have to fear for their lives from these people. OP, good on you for not just taking in whatever cr ap they want to shovel on you and standing up for yourself. I'm sorry they are cancelling your adoption, but I'm glad you are not trapped in a rather unhealthy environment.

Unfortunately, some people just don’t want to actually raise a child that might (or in this case, did) develop different views and tastes than them, they just want an autonomous mirror. OP, I’m really sorry this happened to you, but please know that this is their mistake and their loss, not a reflection on you. I sincerely hope you will find stability and happiness soon.

thank you, i never voiced my thoughts on politics cuz I have no interest in it so most of the time I kept to myself when they asked me something that is obviously wrong - the mother said on multiple occasions that it's a shame since I'm basically a perfect example of an American (blonde, blue eyes, and definitely pale enough) but being a parrot to what they yelled is apparently "stupid" and I'm being an "ungrateful brat"

I'm completely mystified as to how people who obviously care so much about immigrants, minorities and and people with different opinions to them can't find it in their hearts to care for a child.

cuz I felt like they didn't really care - they wanted mini people like them

******' MAGA poseurs! If they were really The Base, you'd have been issued an AR-15 or two, and then could have pulled off one of those red state massacres that barely make the news.

If they're MAGA'ers, you don't want to be around them, anyway.