By teepee - 13/11/2009 15:53 - United Kingdom

Today, I fell asleep in a lecture. I laughed at something amusing in Dreamworld, but the laugh came out as a prolonged creepy groan in Lectureworld. I woke up to see everyone within a 5 meter radius staring at me. FML
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Favourited for the "Dreamworld" and "Lectureworld". I like seeing a bit of creativity here for a change.

perdix 29

(My first attempt at this comment seems to have disappeared. Sorry if it's a double post.) Oddly enough, your professor is going to be laughing in Gradeworld and you will let out yet another prolonged, creepy groan in Failworld. Enjoy your never-ending stay in Parentsbasementworld.


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YDI. Don't fall asleep in lecture... also... This is not FML worthy... this is more like "F today's class session."

Ignore this reply. It was a response to the original #1, but that comment disappeared.


Oxford University isn't the only university in Oxfordshire, there's at least 2 more.

OP may be studying somewhere outside of Oxfordshire.

I'd like people to star at me too. idk how people could star at you, but kudos on that. Normally people starE a other people, but you get people to star! Please learn how to spell correctly. Also, YDI for sleeping in class.

zippit09 0

"Staring" is perfectly spelled. Sounds like you should join OP back in class.

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Nowhere does it say "star," or "stare" for that matter.

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If they were "starring" as you have said they were doing, it would be spelled with two r's, but wtg, you have just shown internet world you can't read or spell.

@dun_dun_dun: Yes it does. "I woke up to see everyone within a 5 meter radius staring at me". And it actually is spelled correctly.

You fail, #4. It's shameful.

Ahahahaha, aw my god, I actually LOLed so much at #4. And by the way, most people usually spell 'at' with a T. Irony's funny.

#4: I know FML tells us to be respectful... But you're probably the biggest idiot I've seen on this website. Next time you try to be condescending, at least make sure you're right about it. Dumbass.

Wow, and all this time I thought to be a grammar nazi, you needed to have good grammar. How silly of me.

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@17 I know it says "staring," but nowhere in the FML does it say "stare."

Epic fail.

don't you remember 1st grade? "drop the 'e' and add 'ing'"

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uh... they spelled staring right. if it were star it'd be starring.. stare is staring.

Excuse me dickhead, but when describing the act of someone looking at you with a stare the correct way to spell it is 'staring' and not 'stareing'. So why don't you learn how to spell

Lmfao this comment actually made me laugh more than the FML. I hope youre really embarassed cause you should be. Hahaha

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hahaha at least you didnt yell out mommy

YDI for measuring distance in meters.

Uh, #6, half the world does that, so... YDI for calculating distances in a usless and olde system.

Plus, the imperial system is for douches. @ OP It's ok man (yep, clearly assuming. How sexist of me), i fell asleep during one of the end of year exams once. I started snoring really loud. Your not alone. P.S Fuck Academics and their boringness.

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YDI for sleeping in lecture.

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lol @ star ing comment. I love people who fail when correcting grammar. That made my day more than anything else on here today... haha. You got stard at... haha

#9, Muphry's Law dictates that any criticism of the speech or writing of others will itself contain at least one error of usage or spelling. Just something amusing to think about. (Intentional misspelling of Murphy's Law, by the way). :)'s_law

I can never falling asleep in class again. I hope you're happy.

Favourited for the "Dreamworld" and "Lectureworld". I like seeing a bit of creativity here for a change.

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Definitely a bad trip.