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By  Bogrbon  |  23

Sticking around and forcing a relationship on someone who is clearly trying to end things is controlling and quite likely emotionally abusive, especially if you’re doing things like getting angry, threatening or making yourself the victim to get him to stay. Worst docuhebag move I have seen was a friend/colleague of mine who’s fiancée threatened to kill Himself when she tried to break it off. (She eventually did leave him anyway)

It’s over, move on. Don’t be that crazy ex who he has to get a restraining order.

By  millsjoshua949  |  12

If he's tried to break up with you before then I'm quite confused as to why you're still together. Why in the world would you try to hold on to someone who doesn't want you?? ydi

By  CRC_101  |  31

What the hell? It's abusive to force or coerce someone to stay in a relationship when they want to break up. Don't let your gender or anything else make you think it's okay.