By Space†Witch - 03/01/2019 04:00

Today, I'm working a photography gig for a very prominent metal band. The doorman asked me for my I.D, which I happily obliged. I am 27, however I look like I'm still in my mid to late teens. He will not let me in, even with my I.D, and the band that hired me won't answer their phones. FML
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I know the feeling. I just turned 27 as well and look younger than my 21 year old sister.

Was this the work ID you showed him or your government ID?


Was this the work ID you showed him or your government ID?

To work a show, you often need a pass.

It wouldn’t. I’m just saying if they didn’t believe the work ID, this person could’ve shown a government ID which would have their age on it. Or did they not believe that one either?

I know the feeling. I just turned 27 as well and look younger than my 21 year old sister.

Sounds like Threatin all over again.

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I've worked as a tech for a number of bands (you work gigs, prominence means nothing, major labels often pay worse) and have never had a problem getting into a venue. Worst case, you call the venue head, they'll confirm (and half the time they're too busy to care), provided you have your pass, equipment, a copy of your contract, etc. Unless you're serving drinks as part of your duties, most regions have no age restrictions regarding staff or contractors, aside from local labor laws. Door age restrictions exist to save the waitstaff inside the time and trouble of having to check patrons' IDs. These venues aren't high security prisons, they're locks on a glass door. A few people always sneak in, but as long as the venue stays profitable and nobody gets hurt, it's not worth most operators' time to scrutinize your reason for being there. Most of the gigs I've worked don't even bother with formal passes. Venues expect performers to have photographers, merch teams, etc. Entry's pretty laid back, especially if you get there well before the show starts. If you showed up late, that's likely why the band didn't bother answering their phones. Why pay if you're only going to shoot half of the show, and miss all of the fun backstage stuff that their fans really enjoy? As an aside, the "look really young" thing is an inside joke. Anyone who can't tell a 27-year old from a 21-year old shouldn't be working the door. It's not just a physical thing, it's more about how you carry yourself. Not saying this to doubt your youthful appearance, but more as a warning that if someone in that position sincerely tells you that you look far younger than your age, they're subtly telling you that you're acting immature. Perhaps this is a sign that you need to improve your professionalism? You're not a fan, you're a contractor hired to complete an important task. You're not begging to enter, you're promoting the band and venue. You belong there.

Well I’m about to turn 17 and look 25