By vanillatwilight2 - 21/11/2012 04:50 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, a nearby volcano erupted for the second time. We were all urged to keep our windows and doors closed in case of ash clouds. My father responded by opening every window and door and shouting, "Come at me, bro!" FML
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Hey guys, OP Here! (I realised I wasn't logged in when I posted this FML) Just letting you guys know that I don't actually live in Auckland and I do live in one of the towns that could be affected by the volcano.

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It's just a little volcanic ash, no harm done. You'll be fine... I think.


It's just a little volcanic ash, no harm done. You'll be fine... I think.

My parents got stuck in America for 2 months after an ash cloud.

*Thinks of clever 'ash' pun that fits the song rhythm* (Ass-quake, ass-tate, ass-tray)

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9: The **** are you talking about? How could anyone get trapped in a country.

The ash cloud over Europe from the eruption of Grímsvötn led to the cancellation of multiple flights in and out of Europe, hence trapped. Although two months is no doubt exaggerated.

Weren't flights cancelled after that volcano in Iceland? Edit: ^^ beaten to it

Planes had to be called off because it was spreading so quickly, if it got into the plane engine it would damage it.

24 & 25 - Exactly! Maybe 2 months is a bit of an exaggeration.

It wasn't a full on eruption, stress less and the ash isnt anywhere near Auckland. Attention seeker!!!

Ash is very dangerous. Extremely small particles. Smaller then dust. And as abrasive as sand paper. Bad combination. If you think sand is bad, volcanic ash is a lot worse.

I don't know why you're thumbing onlychild down, he's right.. If a plane flies through an ash cloud, the particulate is soo abrasive it can choke the engines out and strip the paint clean off the fuselage .. There's been many accounts of planes crashing and surviving ash clouds and the end result is amazing.. If you breathe in the "smoke" from an ash cloud, the particulate or "sand" builds up in your lungs and airways causing respiratory illness/failure

Correction, the result isn't so amazing if the planes crashes because of the ash cloud**

Trapped in America, 9? I'm sorry. I live in the damn country, and it's terrible.

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcaniosis. 'Nuff said.

Sarahbear has obviously never heard of sarcasm.

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19 - Well, I guess they could have swam back across the Atlantic, but most people prefer to fly.

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Is your father "the situation"?

85- When I saw that you beat me to it, I was thrilled to see you left a part out. *Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis :)

75 - Ill help you pack and even slam the door behind you.

5- YOUR ignorance causes ME pain. 85- *pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis you skipped part of the word (a couple of my o's may be off but I think I'm right)

I do believe there are two different ways to spell it, but I could be mistaken. I had written it the way you did but missed my phone auto correcting it. Webster dictionary spells it your way though.

75- if you don't like it here In America you can leave. No one told you that you have to stay here.

Not like it could cause pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicavolcanokoniosis or anything...

Let's face it, OP's father made an ash of himself. Or maybe he was just trying to blame his own sulfuric gas eruptions on the volcano.

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You know, except the people of ancient Pompeii.

I was going to say something similar, 42, however apparently they didn't have time to suffocate because they were exposed to super-heat... Or at least that's what I heard. Anyway, mightn't be fact, I'm just putting it out there for anyone interested.

A little ash can almost crash airplanes. For example the British airways flight many years ago.

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And a big ash can crush you if it sits on you.

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52- Pompeii was the result of a super-heated ash cloud rapidly descending upon the city. I recently read about another city that got hit with venomous snakes, boiling mud, and THEN a super-heated ash cloud; killing 29,998 out of a population of 30,000.

Hit with venomous snakes?! Come on, snakes are beneficial for mankind; and very important to the environment.

Thanks, I should have re-read before I commented.

15 - I don't think anyone can take that comment seriously after looking at your profile picture.

Your so right 27, after looking at his picture I cried I laughed so hard! You made my night

Another wasted comment virginity. It's so sad to see this more and more. It is getting more common! :( that's bad.

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94- He used the right 'your' in the comment. It's not You are brother is awesome. -.- 2nd grade stuff here people!

94 if you're going to try to correct someone's grammar, you should probably make sure it's wrong first. Use your brain.

if you are going to say someone made a bad correction when theh didnt specify who if was for, look to see if other people made the mistake instead of chosing a random person you think he corrected. use your ******* brain please.

Being one of those men-types I second this ^

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Nothing screams bad ass like hollow threats against mother nature lol

I wonder if he needs a wheelbarrow for his giant brass balls?


who in here thought of what 106 said in Vegeta's voice

Actually it was Nappa that said what 106 said not Vegeta.

I could just imagine him shouting that in a kiwi accent XD

No he's not, he's and idiot. Volcanic ash can be extremely dangerous and you can get the disease silicosis. It often leads to death and can give you lung cancer. So your dad is trying to be cool in place of making sure his family's safe.

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If you're serious... please, don't have kids.

Either your dad is an idiot, he's suicidal and looking for an easy way to die, or a badass. Most likely a badass.

Volcano: Watch out, we got a badass over here!

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I'm intensely curious how the father is planning on 'fighting' the volcano. I'm guessing massive facial hair that acts as a HEPA filter.

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YDI for living near a ******* volcano. I bet you're a little brown person you third world scum.

Whoa there, you're such a badass, hiding behind your monitor and vomiting hate onto your keyboard. Have fun never having sex, ever.

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The OP lives in Auckland, a great city in NZ, I would know cause I live in Hamilton. I know you're a troll but I just felt the need to say this, my brother.

Does your father happen to be an aggressive 12 year old?


No... See, he didn't scream "OH MY ******* GOD SUCH ******* BULLSHIT YOU ******* HACKER SHIT **** **** **** SHIT!! I ******* KILLED YOU YOU ******* NOOB YOU DIDN'T KILL ME YOU FUCKFATTYFUCK BASEMENT LOSER NOOB **** HACKER!!!" at the top of his lungs into a microphone while playing Call of Duty.

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I think I felt my iq drop a point just now.

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Your dad is uber cool. Seems like he's more fun than his kid which is really sad.

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Ah yes, ignoring safety precautions and embracing a natural disaster is very fun indeed.