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  sulitak  |  27

That's what I'm thinking. My Mom hasn't gotten a raise in 3 years despite exemplary reviews and the fact that her work is also making record breaking profits.

Secure job = amazing.
YDI for not understanding how corporations work.


Actually you were third. Let me clue you in; the reason you're getting down-voted? Nobody likes the person who says "first!" when commenting. It isn't insightful. And it's just plain annoying. Sorry if I'm being a bitch, I just wanted to help you avoid future mistakes.


I don't know... Tim Horton's is killing it for lemonade, so I dont think a lemonade stand is gonna do too well.. They have advertising and monopolies... It would be tough... Lol

By  BubbleGrunge  |  18

It's almost like what is the point? I know you should be grateful for any raise especially with how bad the economy is, but I think I would tell them to keep the penny, I'm good.