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Today, I got a raise at work. It will bring my hourly wage to about a cent more per hour. Our CEO just reported record-breaking profits for the year. FML
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Hey, that's still one more cent you didn't have before


Time to become the CEO of Original Post Inc.

Time to become the CEO of Original Post Inc.

If you work an average of 40 hours a week, that 20 extra dollars per year :D

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Do you work for At&t? I sure know that feeling!!!

That's what I'm thinking. My Mom hasn't gotten a raise in 3 years despite exemplary reviews and the fact that her work is also making record breaking profits. Secure job = amazing. YDI for not understanding how corporations work.

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Hey, that's still one more cent you didn't have before

A penny saved is a penny earned. Or, a penny earned, is pointless. Either way...

At 40 hours a week that's an extra $21 a year. Don't spend it all in one place.

That's the right attitude. At 5 years, you'll make 100 more dollars

Meanwhile all that hard work is leeched from people like op to pay for bonuses.

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You could always use the penny to throw into a wishing well and hope for more money

First! And wow that kinda sucks, I know how you feel about the raise thing though, hopefully you get another sometime soon!

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Actually you were third. Let me clue you in; the reason you're getting down-voted? Nobody likes the person who says "first!" when commenting. It isn't insightful. And it's just plain annoying. Sorry if I'm being a bitch, I just wanted to help you avoid future mistakes.

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At least you didn't get fired! Make every penny count. :P

A penny earned is a penny wasted. No. A penny saved is a penny dropped. No a penny wasted is a penny dropped. No. What was that thing again...?

A Penny and Leonard is a Sheldon frustrated...?

Well, it is a hot summer. Profits are up, and lemonade is in high demand.

When life gives you lemons... Hey it's free lemons

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That means the CEO is about 8 years old and a quarter goes a long way for them.

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36- That's one accomplished 8 year old. :)

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40- Yeah if I worked at a lemonade stand I wouldn't want my CEO to be an old fart. =P

I don't know... Tim Horton's is killing it for lemonade, so I dont think a lemonade stand is gonna do too well.. They have advertising and monopolies... It would be tough... Lol

Wrong, 34. when god gives you lemons, YOU FIND A NEW GOD!

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Dude, now I have to go find that video again. GODBERRY! KING OF THE JUICE!

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I'm the guy who's gonna burn your house down! With the lemons!

When life gives you lemons, throw them back and ask for apples.

When life gives you lemons... Ask for water and sugar.

Really?... Please, don't hold back your emotions.

#7 Coincidentally, that is the same exact thought I had when i read your comment.

We found Stephen Hawkings. Oh wait, never mind.

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World of Warcraft just World of Warcraft? ;)

Self proclaimed grammar nazi yet no punctuation...

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It's almost like what is the point? I know you should be grateful for any raise especially with how bad the economy is, but I think I would tell them to keep the penny, I'm good.

Well if OP works 40/week and 52 weeks a year its a full 21 dollars, almost.

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That may have been the CEO's intentions, though, to convince OP to not ask for a raise again. But I'm pretty sure that's illegal...

It's not illegal to give someone a raise at any amount.

Hey, all those pennies add up after a while. A long, long while...