By meg265 - United States
Today, I discovered that when you're the maid of honor giving a toast at your best friend's wedding, it's important to make sure the zipper on your dress is secured. Otherwise, your bare breasts and Hello Kitty panties could end up exposed to a wedding party of 600 people. FML
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  nonotme  |  0

nonotme, who is known for trolling these because THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO DO AS MOST OF THESE SUCK AND FUCKING FAIL NOW THAT 12 YEAR OLDS HAVE DISCOVERED THIS WEBSITE, approves this message.

i would probably laugh at the Hello Kitty panties and then ask you out.

  teiso_fml  |  0

If it was a bridesmaid dress you wouldn't wear a bra with it because then everyone could see the strap. Or you could use a strapless bra, but quite possible the bra was built into the dress.

  v1kt4r  |  13

giving a toast usually involves mic in 1 hand, champagne class in the other, unless she's a 4 armed monster and those dont really wear dresses, she couldn't have had time to grab the dress

  rebash09  |  0

well, she was a bridesmaid, not the bride, so her dress may have been made of silk or something more flimsy than the dress you are probally thinking about. So, it could have happened if she was wearing flimsy dress.

By  Maxine17  |  8

Way to make it memorable.

Groom: "do you remember that time we saw Meg's breasts honey; what day was that?
Bride: "uh...that was our wedding day" *scornful glare*

By  papadugg  |  0

that's why you should have worn a strapless bra! they have ones that work with even low-back dresses or low-cut in the front dresses~there's NO damn excuse for that.

...from a girl who knows the importance of ALWAYS wearing a bra in public.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

I refuse to go out without a bra too, but there are dresses that are made to be worn without them. Tell me how you would fine a bra to go under this:

  papadugg  |  0

Well, there's BustFree

Maidenform makes one, but the middle between the cups might be visible with that dress...

and there's also Bras Visione by Comet

the last one is kinda "meh" because it's a clear strap, not 'no-strap'.

...if the OP didn't wear one because she was too small-busted for it to be MUCH of an issue in general, BustFree really could have done the trick~wouldn't recommend them for anyone over a B cup though.

  bexox  |  0

Sometimes it's just easier not to wear a bra with the way some cocktail dresses are designed. Wearing a bra isn't a federal offense or anything. No big deal.


Even then, some strapless bras are bad. A friend of mine wore one of those FreeBras that stick to you to our dance and we ended up having to go to the bathroom to do damage control when it stopped sticking to her :/

  LilaBear  |  1

I was just maid of honour at a wedding, and out of the 3 girls, I was the only one who wore a bra, and that was to pad it out a bit coz the dress was a little loose for me. The dress was so thickly padded that if it fit properly there'd be no need to wear a bra.