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By ZThirteen - 25/10/2009 10:08 - United States

Today, I got a speeding ticket. My speedometer got busted a few weeks back, rendering it useless. My father, a former mechanic, decided it's not worth the trouble of going in and fixing it. "Just keep with traffic when you're on the highway; you'll be fine." This $150 fee says otherwise. FML
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YDI for not getting it fixed, regardless what your father said.

What if you're the only car on the street, on a school zone?


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What? Really? His driving with a flipping broken speedometer, then gets pulled over for speeding? It's not like he was even planning on getting it fixed, arrogance and ignorance isn't an excuse to break the law.

No, that's not a valid fix; it's illegal to drive without a working speedometer, as it is considered part of the vehicles safety equipment. YDI for not A) Asking your dad to fix it, B) Getting it fixed by someone else, or C) Fixing it yourself.

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I agree with the gps there very accuarate and a lot cheaper than get a speedo put in

YDI for not getting it fixed, regardless what your father said.

This. It doesn't matter what your father told you; you should have insisted on having it fixed.

"Listen to your parents. No questions asked."

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Your father is FORMER mechanic for a reason.

Theres this thing called retirement...

Honestly, how can anyone think he didn't deserve that?

if you're under 18, I understand that you would listen to your father if you're over 18, YDI for being too cheap to fix your car =)