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By Anonymous - 16/03/2013 14:58 - United States - Springfield

Today, of the two IDs I possess, I handed the cop that pulled me over the fake one. FML
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"No officer, I promise that's real! My real name is mclovin"

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"No officer, I promise that's real! My real name is mclovin"

The need to point out a Superbad reference = thumbs down

I almost got divorced for saying "I am Mcloving" repeatedly after that film.

Only if the police officer was just as crazy as them...then the world would be a messed up I am rambling...I think i'll have bacon for dinner..seeyah FMLers!!

You had a 50/50 chance. I suppose he laughed when he realized your name was Anita Goodlay.

Just hope he isn't Officer Petty and that he doesn't make you Ben Dover.

Well you shouldn't have a fake one in the first place.

420Zombie 17

especially if he has a real I.d. at that!

I take it your not too close to 18 yet...

Qwermy 16

He's probably 18-19, but wants to drink. The drinking age is 21, which seems silly enough to me that I can sympathize with those who use fake ID for buying booze. But those who get caught deserve it for idiocy.

I strongly suggest keeping that in a different spot rather than in the same wallet as your real ID. You deserve it for not being smart about possessing a fake ID. You know the risk of carrying a fake ID around. YDI.

I don't think that's the point. Now why would you have a fake one in the first place? OP deserves this regardless of his/her age.

I never said it had anything to do with age. It has to do with choice. If OP is willing to get a fake ID knowing its illegal, OP has to be prepared for the consequences, good & bad.

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Maybe you'll receive a fake ticket...

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75- In many cases, tl;dr basically means "I'm too lazy to be bothered with reading something longer than a tweet", but the direct translation is "too long, didn't read".


Lol I was wondering why you'd have a bloody cat..

And a bloody catd, at that! They're much harder to come by


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Your fault for not looking at the damn card first.

Only if you can before the cop gets to the window. If they see you have more than one, especially younger looking drivers, they'll want to see them all.