By salmone - 16/05/2014 01:03 - Australia - Spotswood

Today, one of my year 9 students finished the test an hour early. He decided to spend the time by "stealthily" whacking off. His entire desk was shaking in a silent room. FML
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salmone_fml tells us more.

Follow Up: it is a national test, so he couldn't go to the bathroom, and I couldn't disrupt the test by speaking. I stood nearby and cleared my throat loudly, that seemed to work, and he emerged from his jumper (sweater) fairly quickly. I would say given that all he wrote on the test was his name, he probably did not do very well. Finally, there are some very nasty, judgemental people on here. Perhaps you should try to live a little more kindly and gently.

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m22100 14

I don't get how it seemed like a good idea to him.


Likely, it was over quicker than his test.

"Teacher it appears that I have dropped my pencil. Could you be a dear and pick it up for me?"

This needs a follow up! Did he pass the test?

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Van Halen - Hot For Teacher...

m22100 14

I don't get how it seemed like a good idea to him.

The blood was flowing to the wrong head. I've always said, "I don't trust anything with only one eye to guide me."

seemed like one brain was bigger than the other

I'm pretty sure a penis doesn't have a brain.

Children have poor impulse control. They don't quite get it yet.

SofaKingPretty 13

Well he's not really a child.. More of a young adult/teen.

@#60 you're clearly not a dude. try reasoning with a massive hard on.

#93, judging from her picture, the two of you would be on opposite ends of a hard on.

I wonder if he was doing this on a bet from a "friend" or one of the other students.

Wow. I bet he heard voices in his head right before he started

#86 you look like one of the girls in a video of a car accident, where the driver was singing to the camera her friend was holding.

Hopefully you didn't allow him to continue in your classroom.

She sent him to the corner so that he might reflect on his actions

That's what I'm saying! OP, how do you not say something? If you're the teacher I would think it would be your responsibility to not let that happen in your class, especially if you're aware AS IT'S HAPPENING. Don't say you couldn't single the guy out in front of everyone, because the kid is wanking in class, he deserves what ever consequences he gets. And as a young female, I'd be pretty pissed off and uncomfortable as **** if a student of either gender was masturbating during class, especially if my teacher or prof just let it happen. You totally deserve this because you allowed it to go down. **** your students lives!

Nowhere in the FML does it say they allowed it to continue. Maybe someone did do something about it.

You know what they say about assuming! No need for trolls to eat me alive, it's Friday people. I simply made an assumption.

That's quite an assertive assumption...

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Sounds like a good plot for a porno

I be the got a 69 on the test

Technically speaking, that would be cheating, as it would require another person to help him uh... score.

Well, at least he has lot of White Out to make corrections with.

But scantrons use pencil! I guess that doesn't mater, he came prepared.

I'm sure that pun was unintentional, but I still appreciated it. I can't imagine how uncomfortable I would be if I were in either the other students' situation or the teacher's. If you noticed, the students probably did too. So FYL, OP. Still needs a follow-up though.

#73, I'm pretty sure that pun was completely intentional, even though it's terrible.

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Well that's not an immature response at all..... And btw that joke is getting old.

If you don't get #5's comment, you haven't been on FML that long. XD

I really don't know why #29 got voted down, and #5 that was a great reference to a previous FML.

Because the thumb down is too tempting.

Wow... That sounds about right considering the current situation in a lot of schools sadly.

I'm in high school and never have I seen someone whack off in class.. So no it's not the current situation of schools

uh did this happen regularly to you in school? it sure as hell doesn't happen where I went to school!

It happened once while I was in high school. The kid got charged with public exposure and was suspended.

I only know of that happening once back when I was in school, the kid was special though, he did a lot of weird things.

It happened when I was at school, some girl frigging off whilst in an English exam and she wasn't even quiet about it. Most exciting news in school at the time.

This happened to me in 7th grade. A kid was wanking off while everyone was staring. Steadily making eye contact with everyone.

At my high school people get caught having sex like all the's getting pretty ridiculous.

newnightsky 5

Well.... I don't k know if there's a rule that says students can't jerk off in class. I mean, obviously it's not ok, but if he didn't expose himself then it wasn't punishable, just wrong. Really, really wrong.

Its a law that you cant ********** or go around naked in public^

^that's gonna get so many down votes. Let me clarify that I meant #46

Alonzo bodden: guys dont think and therefore dont need a reason to do stuff. the reason was simply, well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Not it too hard to ask to go to the bathroom?

Sounds to me like it was WAY too hard. (Giggity.)

They can't let students go to the bathroom during testing.

or maybe the sight of OP was his inspiration?