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I bet that lighter is a bit agitating in your vag OP

How did you manage to confuse your tampax for a lighter?


Almost corrected the fml on the spelling, but then I realized they're from the UK. On another note, that must have been awkward...

You can always open the tampon, stuff tobacco in it and light it to play it off.

Starred? That isn't a word. We say stared. We know Americans are lazy with spelling but we don't have stupid words in the uk.

Starred is a word.... just not in this context.

How did you manage to confuse your tampax for a lighter?

I'd think a cigar would be a slightly more obvious confusion, but you can't really bum a cigar from people.

It was probably a tampon without an applicator wrapped in plastic.

15, only in Cuba

#15 you cannot 'bum' a tampon either, coz it would hurt lol haha *Sorry guys but its funny :D

Butt chugging dude! Happens all the time!

I bet that lighter is a bit agitating in your vag OP

it's a bit agitating in her vag? well that's new

Did the joke fly over your head? ^

actually the joke did fly over my head when I first read it but now I got it and I take my stupidity back...shoo. Nothing to see here..

now I'm not one for blonde jokes but this is a blonde moment for me..considering the fact that I am naturally blonde:/

Natural bluende

Don't be so hard on yourself, #26. =]

My goodness, you're an arsehole 51.

51- you are an asshole. 26- dont listen to 51, he's jealous of your hair

I thought people were done with being scene kids..

I thought people were done with unintelligence.

And I thought people were done taking douchebag mirror pictures.

I thought Arnold's untucked shirt from Hey Arnold was a kilt.

It's not a kilt? I always just assumed it was

Oh you poor thing that's so embarrassing!!

At least it wasn't used.

Because people keep used tampons in their handbags....

On FML, I wouldnt be surprised.

"Tampax: for when mother nature attacks your slacks"

Could have been worse... It could have been a condom that she handed him instead.

Guys are much more comfortable dealing with condoms than they are with tampax...

I was talking about OP

10's point still stands.

You confused a tampax to a lighter? I wonder what other objects you confused for another...

I hope she doesn't confuse a tazer for a razor... That could have a shocking ending.

How do I message you? I have so many questions about your hair!

Some guy? You didn't know him? If so, how did he know you had a lighter?

Well if OP is a smoker (assuming that) he most likely was also a smoker and knew she must have a lighter. I've seen my mom do it to total strangers.

Exactly, smokers can tell other smokers apart from non-smokers.

The cigarette in her hand was probably a dead giveaway.

Me and my friend were asked if we had a lighter and we are both slightly short 15 year olds

What a bloody awful mistake.

I see what you did there.

68 - I've seen some pretty bad duck faces, but THAT....... O.o

Well, tampons ARE flammable...

Is it really true that your cat shits living lizards?

That's exactly what I was thinking! (the flammable part, not the shitting lizards bit lol)

72, Maybe! I found this little guy in my cat's litter box when I was cleaning it. It makes you wonder though...What madness drove him in there???