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Today, I have a new boss. She claims to be a professional Angry Birds player. FML
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Let's hope she doesn't think you're a pig.

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that game makes me soo angry from frustration, I can't believe they're making a movie

it's a joke there not actually making one

rio isn't about angry birds. the only reason they made the rio add on is cuz they thought it tied in pretty good with the plot of angry birds

Oh wow they make movies on anything these days

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They are not making an Angry Birds movie. See 65s comment. But pretty sure OPs boss was joking.

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yea there not making a movie on it and interesting fact bout Rio... nv knew

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there are plans for a cartoon however

Top 50 in Modern Combat 2. Much better than angry birds.

Rio is a movie that has nothing to do with Angry Birds. But they ARE making and Angry Birds movie, scheduled to come out next year sometime.

your pretty lucky and your life is not ****** your boss sounds awesome

114- I don't appreciate you replying to my comment with nothing relevant in any way shape or form and if you would scroll down, there is already a comment that is similar to yours

114- I don't appreciate you replying to my original post with nothing relevant to said post, and if you scroll down, you would notice a comment similar to yours, no need to repeat what others have already said

that is just... sad. I admit angry birds is a good game, but to claim that she's a professional player? smh.

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It's all about that air penguin now(;

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Maybe the boss was being sarcastic and OP took her boss' comment out of context.

it might have been out of context but if it was the truth, then that's one unique boss OP has got there.

So you are his angry birds assistant? does he train you?!?!?

It seems as though there are millions of "nerdy physics students" out there who "somehow get joy out of calculating projectile motions."

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My comment disappeared. Anyways, I never insulted people who like physics. Since when was liking Physics and being nerdy a bad thing?! I'm a huge Bio nerd and I love it.

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fail. it clearly says that the boss is a "she" not a "he".

no where in her comment did she specify male or female. you sir fail.

clearly I am wrong on purpose because I'm a hipster and it would be so mainstream to be right. duh

mybad this FML is ******* with me and moving all the comments around. I see where the comment was suppose to go.

I understand them. I'm all about Cat Physics.

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Hey, I used to play that game and found it fun. I'm not a nerdy physics student either. =(

I'm not a nerdy physics student yet I like that game.. just bc you can't play it doesn't mean you have to down all the nerds

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I never said there was anything wrong with Physics or liking Physics, WTF? How is being nerdy and liking physics a bad thing? Wow... I'm taking the course right now actually.

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Either what I said didn't make sense or you guys are misunderstanding. Probably my fault, oh well.

lol. hipster kid just can't get the hang of the game. ;)

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Not really. It's not like OP's boss will only give him/her a raise if they can beat her at it. That would be an FML, this isn't.

Well, I heard they had professional Starcraft players in some countries, and people have played Space Invaders for money... I don't know why.

I'd also like to know why people who play football, baseball, and the like get paid. What a mystery.

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athletics are actually careers and athletes invest a lot of time every year so they deserve money, but some salaries are outrageous, then again it is tv

gaming is a real career in which they put a lot of time and effort into perfecting their games....

Personally I find the "CONGRATULATIONS" and rolling credits to be the reward.

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launch her from a giant slingshot.

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I'd be scared to work with you...