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Today, I lost a grade on an essay, because according to my teacher, I put much more detail into my analytical essay than I should have. FML
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Honestly you need to talk to someone about that because you don't want to end up with a crappy grade because your teachers an idiot.

I am saddened by the American school system.


Honestly you need to talk to someone about that because you don't want to end up with a crappy grade because your teachers an idiot.

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A lot of times too much detail can over complicate something. It's like that guy who always wrote five page essays to show off but most of what he wrote about didn't make sense at all.

If you lose an essay grade that can ruin your whole overall grade so I defiantly think he needs to talk to his teacher and see what was wrong.

While I agree op should ask them what thy could do in the future, the teacher isn't dumb for grading it accordingly . To much detail can take away from the over all thesis and thusly distracting from the points or objective of the paper.

If the teacher put in the directions to not be that detailed then OP deserves it.

#1: That's ridiculous, because there's nothing here to suggest that the teacher is an idiot. An analytical essay should analyze relevant details, but not all details are relevant. Writing too much is almost as bad as not writing enough.

#41, are you still not tired of pigtily pointing out spillchucker mistakes? It's 2015- grow up.

I am saddened by the American school system.

The american educational system is a joke.

#2: I'm saddened by it too. If it were better, perhaps more FMLers would've voted YDI. Being concise is a valuable skill. Too much (irrelevant) detail is a major weakness in academic writing, and the OP's teacher didn't do anything wrong.

Why is it that when one person does something unliked, that person is hated, but when same happens to an American, all of America is unliked? My (American) school teachers teach us to be concise, but still analyze details. Obviously you'd lose points if you weren't concise. It seems that the teacher didn't specify to be concise, so this would be an FML.

essays can be too long you know... this is probably op's fault for not being concise

That sucks OP. It happened to me twice in high school. Try talking to your teacher. If that doesn't work then maybe go to the head of the department and discuss it. Best of luck to you!!

yeah you should talk to another teacher principal or someone its not fair.

Great. Thats as if a teacher said; 'you put too many fairies in a fantasy book'. What happened to appreciation for hard work?

#5: Nope, that'd be more like spending five chapters describing the fairies' wings when the reader really just wants the princess to go rescue the dragon-in-distress from the evil knight already.

My english teachers have told me before that the endings of my creative writing pieces aren't plausible.... I thought it was called creative because you make up your own idea. I doubt that everyone told JK Rowling that the Harry Potter books sucked because it wasn't plausible.

That is definitely NOT legal. Try talking to the principal or super attendant

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I had a super attendant the last time I flew. The school superintendent might be a better person to talk to.

I'm pretty sure it's not illegal for a teacher to criticize a student's essay.

It's up to the instructors discretion how he or she grades a paper, not any law enforcing body.

I would love to see the law written that dictates how teachers must grade things. We obviously can't make decisions on our own so the police should have laws to monitor our education now. Ok, sarcasm over now.

#6: Oh noes! Call teh police! Somebody doesn't like their grade! I'm sure the FBI will want to add this guy to the Unfair Teachers Watchlist.

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As a fellow writer, don't worry about it. Grades are bullshit if you feel that it's some of your best work. Not everyone sees your perspective or understands your writing like you always do.

Or, you could take the criticism, try to understand it, and learn a new skill you can apply to your writing.

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Or you could stand behind what you wrote and discuss it over with the teacher. The teacher isn't always right.

The problem was "too much detail". The criticism has to at least make sense

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Isn't it the point of an analytical essay to go into great depth?

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In college there are minimum page limits as well as maximum. You can have points deducted for making a paper too long.

#9: Being compelling and concise is more important than being complete. Stick to what's relevant instead of rambling around the topic.

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This sucks because teachers are generally really stubborn and sometimes very very surprisingly dense. But maybe.. just maybe you included irrelevant details in your analysis because when I was doing IOPs and IOs I thought I nailed it until grades come out. If your teacher gave you a bad grade because you went too indepth, he/she is really stupid.

Talk to your parents or headmaster, this isn't fair, plus, everyone loves a little more detail!