By RightInTheFace - 12/09/2015 16:16 - United Kingdom - Cardiff

Today, I found out that my girlfriend sleepwalks. Well, I say sleepwalks, more like sleep punches. Very, very hard. FML
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Try to put a boxing glove on her hand.

No body gets a way punching me. I would defiantly punch her back. Just kidding, Insure her safety. keep safe sleeping environment, free of harmful or sharp objects. Lock door and windows.

I am sure you did some thing to upset her in her dreams.

Sleep in full body armour from now on; it's the only solution.

She claims she is "sleep punching", have you made her mad lately?

While a sensible man in this position would comfort his girlfriend and probably take her to a sleep clinic, i would probably record her at night and send the video on AFV or post it on YouTube...

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Hope she hits harder than Cena atleast.

Next time she does it get your phone ready and just as she punches you play the "and his name is John Cena!" thing really loud.

Am I the only one wondering who she punched in the dream?

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