By Jamesfmled - 13/09/2014 14:01

Today, my girlfriend texted me saying, "I have some Durex and want your help" so I rushed to her house. She had meant to say "Dulux". I had to help her paint her bedroom. FML
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Jamesfmled tells us more.

I wasn't just after the sex. We're just both very busy so when we get opportunities we make the most of them. And normally she tells me if we can't.

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Well you shouldn't only want to see her for sex

btrag97 13

Well.. At least you got to spend time with your gf


btrag97 13

Well.. At least you got to spend time with your gf

Bloody autocorrect, it's the work of the Devil

I'm sure she knew what she was writing. She knew that would get him there without any excuse. Sorry op, but YDI.

btrag97 13

Yo, keep us up to-date on how the painting went ;)

Then again DIY projects put relationships to the test.

incoherentrmblr 21

It the spelling was intentional...

Well you shouldn't only want to see her for sex

What guy wouldn't rush over to their girlfriends house if they think she wants sex?

#10, my boyfriend.

you probably suck then.

#30. I don't think she is sucking enough.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

30 and 34-- not all guys are all about sex. its actually quite common for women to want sex just as much as men. my fiance isn't big on having sex all the time as opposed to me wanting it twice a day everyday. people are different, regardless of their sex.

true, but nobody cares about your fiancee.

46, that's rude. She was just giving an example.

katachristic 19

2, I agree that he shouldn't only want to go see her for sex, but that doesn't mean he has to want to paint her bedroom.

Actually, we don't live close to eachother. The only way we can see eachother is if one of us makes a pretty damn long train ride. And we're both really busy, so. So how about you stop being smartasses unless you really know what's going on? And in case you wanted to know; I'll share it with the whole world. I'm still a virgin. But he respects me, so he waits until I'm ready. I'm just really glad he's not one of those guys who only cares about sex. Probably gonna get thumbed down again for explaining, but so be it then.

My thoughts agreed. If anything I'd be a little pissed. It sounds like she lead him on on purpose and went whoops I meant deluxe, not durex

#56 I just wanted to make a clever joke. I'm sure u have your reasons

#67, your joke actually kinda made me chuckle when I read it again after I posted my other comment, but I didn't really bother changing it since I was mostly referring to #30

If you did a good enough job im sure you got some "durex" in return.

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Stooby, I'm guessing you don't either.

what a degrading thing to say.

#73 are we oppressing you

So close

I bet she done that on purpose to get your help

You're a jerk, only wanting to see her for sex???!!!! YDI

Where did OP say that? He got a text from his girlfriend explicitly saying that she needed help with condoms. He had no reason to think it was a typo. What, did you expect him to clarify before rushing over? Sounds like you may have some unresolved relationship issues.

Would you be a jerk if someone you were dating implied to you they wanted sex and you accepted their invitation? I didn't mind helping I just didn't appreciate the circumstances under which she got me to help her.

OP, It would have been nice if she got BEHR for you afterwards.

You made it sound like you just wanted to have sex, not see her. Sorry, my bad.

#53: Understandable, but OP did mention later that he wouldn't have minded helping her. He just didn't appreciate the fact that she stooped to tricking him with the prospect of sex to get his attention. If his girlfriend had just said, "Hey, could you help me paint my bedroom today?" OP would have gladly helped.

Oyas12 14

Read the post again...

Oyas12 14

Read the post again... EDIT: Ok, im guessing you did, but seriously,what you said is probably what the gf thought would make him cum *cough* *come. She might have trust issues...

nesteremily 31

Probably did it on purpose. But you should help her anyway

KingRex 22

Cock-blocked by a can of paint XD

Well since you helped her out, maybe she'll help you out...

Well I mean, at least you got to have some quality time with her, painting a room.