By Anonymous - 06/06/2011 13:13 - United Kingdom

Today, I discovered my mother went into the local pub where I work part time, got very drunk, and flashed her boobs at everyone. I found out when a picture was posted on Facebook. FML
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NEVER tell your mother where you work.

What's your mothers Facebook name? I need it for reference.


.... I think I can safely call for pics or it's fake.

NEVER tell your mother where you work.

Your mom is a party animal ! :P

i hope your a party aninal

25, stop drinking tiger's blood.

What's your mothers Facebook name? I need it for reference.

I would sooo love to be her son!!

Deny, deny, deny.

Pics or it didn't happen

I need to see the proof of the event, in photographic form, or else the FML is fake, and didn't happen.

Facebook doesn't allow those kind of pictures..

53, FB allows pics, of me kicking you, in the nuts.

damn girl Ur fine

at least you have a good looking husband?

I sense a new fml coming. today I commented on the wrong fml post, fml

Classy mother. You must be so proud.

I know I would be (;

She was probably just showing everyone how she used to feed you.

61, I don't see anyone asking for a pic of their mom, but a pic of OP's mom

your moms pretty scandalous!

momma gots to have a life too !

Flash them your goodies and ask them to put your pic up next to hers! Follow her example DAMN IT!!! lol

Gay. The comment I replied to was deleted by mods, and then my reply was moved here.

OP should take notes.