By Anonymous - United States - Butler
Today, after working the night shift, I accidentally left my iPod at the office. I woke up later and went on Facebook. To my dismay, I saw some coworker had posted stuff on my wall, such as, "I really have to take a shit!" and "Yes, my tits are real!" FML
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  paigexox0  |  37

I always end up getting annoyed having to put in my password in everytime. Thank god i dont really leave my house, so unless my cat feels like stealing it i have no problems

By  soveryunoriginal  |  23

Wow that's a crappy thing to do. I guess you're in a titty situation.

  imlifeless2  |  25

I thought it was necessary. otherwise its "don't leave your phones/ipods"... don't leave them what? alone? at work? password-less? at the pool? That last word made the comment relevant to the FML I think.

  skychu  |  18

#44, there's nothing grammatically wrong with saying "don't leave them". It's just another way of saying "always keep them on your person"

  BSnapZ  |  21

#28 figuring out someone's password is most definitely a type of hacking.
However, going on someone's Facebook and posting a status because they left it logged in on their computer or phone without a password on it, that it NOT hacking.

  World_Burner  |  13

#64, stop using IE..
Oh but thanks for insulting me for your own misunderstanding! And that's exactly why this generation does suck.. Oh again, my Computer Science major thanks you, I never would have made it without you repeating what I already knew.