By Sundendako - 27/01/2010 10:20 - Australia

Today, my mum got drunk at a party and flashed me and my friends. FML
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even if there your moms ****? that's a lose lose situation her son and friends saw their first **** with spider veins and wrinkles also to mention hangin like an egg on a hang nail and she showed her unfunbags to a bunch of kids FYL but atleast she didn't show her roastbeef thrown against a wall pussy

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it says he's from Australia... they might be similiar but.... they aren't come on we americans might not be able to use our heads but we can atleast read (I hope)

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@#45: so not true. that's sick.

i would never go out un public again. EVER

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Most likely, this will probably lead to him developing his very own drinking problem and years later flashing his children and their friends. The cycle continues.

Is your mom hot? Aussie chicks are sexy. FYL

from an aussie trust me not all of them are

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wow that's sick unless ur mom is Hott