By crawfo - 31/08/2009 13:54 - Australia

Today, whilst on a date I recieved my sixth missed call from my mother. I excused myself and went outside and called her, she and my father wanted to know why I was having dinner and holding hands with another man. It turns out they were also on a date. At the same place. FML
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Your parents must not have been too upset - at least they didn't barge over to your table and demand to know what was up.

Oops! Well you had to come out eventually, but FYL :- Also: not last! :-) (I'll be teed off if they close the topic though)


Oops! Well you had to come out eventually, but FYL :- Also: not last! :-) (I'll be teed off if they close the topic though)

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I don't know what animals you think you know about, but several animals exhibit homosexual urges in the wild.

You do know that animals do have homosexual urges, don't you? It's not as common as heterosexual urges, but it still occurs. Source: (If you don't like Wikipedia, here: )

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I guess dolphins and chimps, widely regarded as the most intelligent non-human animals out there, are also "failing to listen to their instincts". Pull your head out of your Bible-quoted arse, and think like an intelligent human being, you bible-belt bigot.

#53, well, inevitably SOMEONE had to be the ignorant jackass of this controversial thread. Dirty job, but someone has to do it.

i think "ignorant jackass" should be replaced by "troll number 1" bad luck op

YDI for saying whilst, this isn't going to be like the "proceeded" era, is it

YDI for being an idiot and straying off topic, #92.

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look, im not saying i have anything against homosexuals, human beings have the right to have sex with anyone they want, (no matter how disgusting this may be) i just want to say that you do deserve it if you think that your parents finding out is an FML. That means you do feel ashamed for what your doing, or you wouldn't be so upset about it. (also YDI FOR BEING A FAG)

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That's it everybody, feed the troll and he'll just go away.

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I like the alliteration here- "Bible-belt bigot". Rolls of the tongue nicely.

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" 'n good God! You're comin' up with reasons. 'n good God! You're draggin' it out. n' good God! You're Such a hypocrite!" Seether-Fake It If you saw a gay man making out with another "fag"(would you please not use that one please?) it would, indeed, make you umcomfortable, but that's is purely because you are what I call a "Dickwad". And if a gay man saw a man and women making out with the same level of maturity as you, would it not make him feel uncomfortable? If a lesbian saw heterosexuals making out, could they not call it disguisting because they don't think it's sexy? It's all in the brain and the brain goes before 2,000 year old books of fairy tales. Sex is controlled by a specific part of the brain and in homosexuals, that part of the brain is swapped out. So a gay man will a have a woman's and a lesbian woman will have a man's Now will you shut the **** up?

Dolphins and chimps are on the borderline when it comes to homosexual/heterosexual urges within non human species. But you would be naive to think otherwise, most animals have no real sexuality, to them it’s all instinctual without the intelligence to back it up.

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For the people making animal comparisons, I'm pro choice but your argument is a bit silly. Animals also have cross species sex so by your logic that's fine for humans as well ( Again, I'm pro choice so whatever rocks your boat...

well, in bonobo ape society, they have sex to resolve disputes instead of fighting. In this species there has been lots of homosexual activity. It's not about dominance, but getting along.

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#291, Good thing pro choice- the ability for a woman to choose to abort a child, has nothing to do with homosexuality or anything related to this discussion. YDI for being a dumbass. And for Homosexuality, YDI for being weird enough to allow a penis in your ass. Thanks to you and monkeys we have aids.

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Ok, I quoted the Seether song that way becayse A)It's spoken that way in the song and B)It was the first thing to come to my mind. And when I say Swapped out, I mean that there is a mutation causing them to be attracted to something they normally wouldn't be. I.E., same sex, pissing, shit, dwarfs, diapers, etc. basically, it's a fetish.

You do realize that "pro-choice" means you support a woman's right to choose abortion, right? And honestly I believe the "hey, animals do it!" argument is about as valid as the "IT JUST AIN'T RIGHT" argument. In my mind, these two examples of stupid just kind of cancel each other out.

why is the animals argument stupid? It's nature. Nature=natural.

Because "natural" doesn't always equal something we, as human beings, would be morally comfortable practicing. Like, say, eating our young. That's quite natural for some creatures, (especially rodents). Or, I don't know, killing our stepchildren and raping all the women in our family. It's just not how it works in the human world. So while I do support gay rights, I also tend to support not-retarded arguments. Like, "hey, their sexuality DOESN'T ******* AFFECT YOU, so GET THE **** OVER IT." That kind of thing.

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YDI for using "Whilst." It's "while."

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He's from Queensland, and it's a completely different dialect. But thank you for showing how far the school system has come! >_>

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lol, win! click to see #136; it's worth it

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I used to have a male dog who would often hump male dogs. Good job.

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yes, yes i did see what you did there, well done! i totally agree. narrow minded religious people don't know what the **** they are actually talking about. If it was they were the gay one would they be talking? I don't think so. Some people say being gay is like being vegetarian, it's a life choice. I DONT AGREE! first of all...even if you don't believe in homosexuality, it's a part of nature! there is nothing you can do about it! You can't just take antibiotics to make it go away..and second why cant you religious jackasses just accept all the people in the world who are homosexual? What about bisexuality? Do you people think it's okay if people are half and half and number 388 i am also bisexual! to me it doesn't matter who you are, male or female, i will love you anyway. so HA.

#53: grow the **** up, stop being such an insecure little homophobe you ******* prick.

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Go **** yourself pelican. if you don't like what this guy is then why you wasting your time talkng about it. Go back to your gay hater way of life and leave the people alone.

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92, ur an asshole! that is completly unfair!!!! op, I'm sorry that sux but they had to find out sometime, and atleast they come up and ask u and embaress u in front of your date

are you there when two men or two women are having sex? NO are you watching these two people who are in love show how much they care for each other with the pleasure of sex? NO is it any of you buisness if they have sex or get married? NO will them being together physicly harm you in any way, shape, or form? NO now shut the f*ck up and leave gays and lesbians alone. stay out of their buisness and don't shove your anti-gay beleifs down their throats.

Watch all the assholes say YDI for being gay. Or did I miss the point? Was the FML about your date being a man when you thought 'she' was a woman?

And they could have sent you to the gay-fixing preacher seen near the end of Bruno.

My comment #24 was supposed to be a reply to screwtaylor's comment #5 which seems to appear and disappear randomly.

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You just have to keep refreshing the page to see my comment, because someone else also got number 5 the same time I did. T_T

oh I was one of the person who put YDI for not coming out... probably the reason most other people put YDI

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relax in 50 years we will look back on this like slavery (obviously slavery is way more extreme and harsh) we will see how stupid it was to judge homosexuals, and gay marriage will be legal everywhere. trust me just wait in 50 or so years you will see...

Your parents must not have been too upset - at least they didn't barge over to your table and demand to know what was up.

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Ouch... what a way to come out.

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That sucks and it's kinda mean that they called you and did it like that but you should be happy that they didn't rush over to your table and got mad!

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They couldn't figure it out themselves without calling you? Oh wow.

Oops. Well, I hope your date went well, at least! :) Hah.

I agree with #7, actually-- I don't know what the talk afterwards was like, but the confrontation could have been a lot worse. My mother would have pulled a knife on me. She's threatened to in the past... >_>

Well you were going to have to tell them sometime.