By Anonymous - United States
Today, while walking in the mall, I spotted my ex boyfriend with his friends. To make myself look less lonely, I put my iPhone up to my ear and started an imaginary conversation with my invisible boyfriend. As I passed him, my phone started ringing loudly. It was him calling. He knew I was faking. FML
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  maverick21703  |  0

Which is why you don't pull stunts like this to begin with. Because someday someone's going to call your bluff and the consolation prize is humiliation and I suppose an FML post.

  Sucks2beYouxD  |  0


Dun even know why ppl would care bout these kind of matters when it comes to meeting their ex again. Does US couple always have to become sort of enemies of each other as soon as they break up? What about being friend again? -_- If not, then simply "I'm fine without you" whatsoever... Why care?

  Veritas143  |  0

yeah i never understood that either..why do people always need to prove something to their ex or one up them or w/e? I just stop giving a shit after a break go your way, I'll go mine.