By jesterinperil - 07/03/2015 19:05 - United States

Today, at an important statewide band performance, my mom stayed in her seat, silent, while everyone else gave a standing ovation. FML
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jesterinperil tells us more.

OP here. First off, yes this was my performance. We'd been preparing some of the hardest pieces on the selection list for three months and had to perform them in front of the toughest judges in the state. We received a standing ovation and the top score possible, but it really hit hard when I saw my mom sitting there idly. We were all enjoying our results within the band so I tried not to let her negativity bring me down that much, but she could have at least said good job without being asked how we did.

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There would be some irony there if that was the case #33 since being the only one not clapping draws attention to her.

If it's your performance than this is an even bigger FML


If it's your performance than this is an even bigger FML

A mom should support her kids 100%. Zero points to this mom!

3 top comments in a row God damn lmao

He said if it was her performance

It was OP's performance

#15 What, no points for actually attending said performance to begin with? Surely that's something...

ZY1431 24

well she cares so much that she has no reaction.

Dam.. Sorry for that. Out of all people you would think that your parents would be the most joyful out of everyone. FYL

Steffi3 40

Hey, atleast everyone else liked it!

ThatLobster 24

She's trying to contain her excitement, don't worry. :p

seems like your mom needs some attitude adjustment

1dvs_bstd 41

Not a single **** was given by your mom. No OP, that was rude.. that was Kanye West demanding a standing ovation from a fan rude.

She couldn't even be bothered to pretend?

She was too stunned by the magnificence of your performance to even move!

Well that ended on a sour note.

pun intended?