By NoFriends - United States
Today, I was with my mom and my boyfriend at lunch. My phone rings and my mom excitedly says "You have friends!" As I'm about to answer it, she pulls out her phone from under the table and says "Kidding, it's just me." My boyfriend starts cracking up, and they exchange a high five. FML
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  bekahshae  |  0

Oh come on, shut up. It's a joke. I could definitely see my mom doing that with my boyfriend. I'm expecting this was a joke but she wanted attention/to get on FML so she wrote it out here, minus her laughing as well.

  lmmmr  |  0

This would only bother you if you were already feeling insecure about having no friends. If that's the case, FYL for people close to you rubbing your nose in it. If not, then STFU and take a joke.